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Assertive Communication
involves the expression of thoughts, feelings, & desires as one's right
Passive Communication
Is characterized by an unwillingness to say what one thinks, feels, or wants
Aggressive Communication
Aims to hurt or put down another person & to protect the self-esteem of the aggressor
A person's ability to express his/her feelings & desires to a partner
A measure of how a person feels about him/herself & ability to control things in his/her life
A person's tendency to minimize issues & a reluctance to deal w/issues directly
Partner dominance
The degree to which a person feels his/her partner tries to be controlling & dominant in their relationship
A broad term that encompasses the set of beliefs, values, & behaviors that defines each of us as a sexual being
Sexual orientation toward members of the other sex
Sexual orientation toward members of the same sex
Sexual orientation toward members of both sexes
An individual who believes that he/she is a victim of a biological accident that occurred before birth & imprisoned within a body incompatible with his/her real gender identity
Persuasive Listening
Is hardly listening at all. Listener is looking for an opening to jump in and control direction of conversation
Directive Listening
Listener attempts to channel, or direct, the conversation
Attentive Listening
A mode in which the listener simply lets the speaker tell the story without interruption, encouraging, rather than directing, the teller
Occurs when an individual reveals to one or more people some personal information or feelings that they could not otherwise learn
Simply, communicating about communicating
Mixed Messages
Messages in which there is a discrepancy between the verbal and the nonverbal components
Double Bind
Occurs when verbal & nonverbal messages relay information that causes some question or conflict about the relationship between the speaker and the receiver
Nonverbal Communication
Takes many forms. Includes facial expressions, eye contact, gestures & other body movements, spatial behavior, body contact, and posture
Linear Causality Model
States that there is a direct and linear relationshiip between cause & effect
Circular Causality Model
When both people deny responsibility for what has happened & for changing it & preventing it from happening again
Way humans create and share meaning, both verbally and nonverbally
Love Busters
Angry Outbursts
Disrespectful Judgements
Annoying Behavior
Selfish demands
Love Languages
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch
"in-love" syndrome
Euphoric. An emotional obsession with each other. Lasts about 2 years.
Basic Needs of Men
Sexual fulfillment
Recreational companion
Attractive Spouse
Domestic Support
Basic Needs of Women
Honesty & Openness
Financial Support
Family Commitment
Guidelines for Sexual Survival
Don't fall for the world's public relations job.
Unfettered pleasure is not the ultimate experience in life.
Senses can never be satisfied.
Happiness has nothing to do with fun and fun has nothing to do with happiness.
Sexual Orientation
A person's self-identification as a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender
Can refer to being biologically female or male or to sexual activity
Refers to the learned characteristics and behaviors associated with being male or female in a particular culture
Incest Taboos
Prohibits intercourse between parents and children and between siblings, are nearly universal
Self-stimulation of the genitals, vary widely from culture to culture
Aversion to homosexuals and homosexuality has developed into a phobia
DINS Dilemma
Couples with 2 jobs. Double income, no sex.
Sexual dysfunction
Has been defined as a state in which sexual behavior or the lack of it causes anxiety, anguish, and frustration, which can lead to unhappiness and distress in a couple's relationship
Sex Therapy
Is simply a process of education. Instruct clients, in the gentle art of lovemaking
Sex Educators
Typically work with relatively large groups of people and teach general information and principles that are useful to a variety of individuals
Sex Therapists
Typically work with individuals, couples, or small groups of individuals and couples and focus more on individual concerns and problems