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Characteristics of the Passion Cluster
Sexual Desire
Fatuous love lacks
Strongest Love Relationship
Consummate Love
highest area of agreement for happily married couples
religious orientation
How divorce affects attitudes toward marriage
it makes you not value marriage as much
Love triangle and commitment
Commitment, Intimacy, Passion
Americans Select partners
physical attraction
people with high self esteem or self acceptance
perceive themselves to be similar to their partners
Very dissimilar people who marry
are often among couples who are likely to divorce
cohabitation subsequent marriage
increases the probability to divorce
Physical aggression in dating couples
highest among younger couples of lower economic status who had been drinking
dating and physical relationships
permissiveness refers to how physically intimate couples are before marriage
cohabitation from 1970-2000
increased 10 fold from 500,000 to 5.5 million couples
cohabitators compared to non cohabitators
Cohabitation before engagement resulted in: lower couple commitment, more negative couple interaction, lower couple satisfaction, lower confidence in the relationship,
Best predictor of marital success
realistic expectations
before marriage couples should
have premarital counseling
blaming one's spouse by denying one's won role in an issue or problem
feedback from premarital inventories
significantly affects the relationship
PREPARE is able to predict what percentage of relationships
reason why marriages drift apart
we take marriage for granted and focus on other things
parent education programs
new Chance
presentations and discussions about parenting
1997 estimates to raise a child
authoritarian parents
high in cohesion, low in flexibility, moody, vulnerable to stress, and often unfriendly
permissive parents
flexible to chaotic, cohesive to enmeshed, parent allows child's preferences to take priority over their ideals
democratic parenting
clear rules when discussed with child
connect to cohesive, strutted to flexible
acknowledged child's perspective, however enforces their standards by reason and power
hitting and suicidal thoughts
hitting adolescence increases suicidal thoughts
Number of young adults living with adult parents
4 million or 1 out of every 4
life expectancy
77.2 years
depression in older adults
often alluded to old age, but sometimes linked to life occurrences
% of wives widowed
3 out of 4 or 75%
life expectancy for men and women
males 74.4
females 79.8
killing partners
murdered women
30% by husband, ex-husband or boyfriend
work family strain
young couples with children
childbearing years
financial and business strains
financial strain
families with school aged children
spiritual well being
praying: seeking help from pastor, minister or rabbi
cognitive resource and involves defining the situation as a challenge that can be conquered rather than denying its problem
stepparents and child abuse rates
more likely to abuse kids
40% greater chance for stepchildren
highest divorce rate among women
60%-80% in the teen years
divorce and children
a crisis in the lives of children who experience it also creates feelings of sadness, regret and anger
Wallerstein Study
she did a study on negative impact of divorce on children and concluded that it has a long term effect on children such as depression, underachieving, emotional problems and love relationship problems
low conflict divorces and children
2/3 of marriages, negative impact on the adult child's development. the offspring psychological distress, few friends, less happy marriages, greater chances for divorce
child support payments
48% make full payment
26% make partial payment
26$ make no payment
increases 1970-2000 of single African American
1970-2000 increase in female Caucasian single parent
12% to 26%
qualities of strong and successful families
commitment to family
enjoyable time together
ability to manage stress and crisis
spiritual well being
positive communication
apperception and affection
difficult time of life and families
couple flexibility
personality issues
lea sure activities
premarital counseling
improves relationships and reduces chances of divorce, 6-8 weeks long and start a year before marriage, most common is the PREPARE program
a very useful way to build on intentional family relationship through coordinated actives that have a significant for the family
leadership equality
the most problematic issue for couples in a relationship with over 93% of coupes agreeing