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A mechanism whereby some men and women pair off for recreational purposes and/or form exclusive, committed relationships for the reproduction, nurturing, and sociaization of children
In tradtional China, a marriage in which the bride and groom were prevented from seeing each other for the first time until their wedding day.
Blind Marriages
Also called tarrying, a courtship custom commonly practiced among the Puritans whereby the would-be groom would sleep in the girl's beed in her parents' home with a board placed btween them.
A living arragement in which two unrelated adults involved in an emotional and sexual relationship sleep in the same residence on a regular basis.
People of the oppsite sex sharinf living quarters.
Marriage whereby couples would live together without having children. If the partners felt that their relationship was stable and durable, they would get and have children.
Two stage Marriage
Refers to the amount of money one "pal" who lives with another "pal" may to pay if the cohabiting partners break up.
Refers to category of cohabitants who live together because marriage would result in the loss, for one or both partners, of benefits from a previous marriage.
Pension Partner
Refers to category of cohabitants who live together as a permanent alternative to marriage.
Marriage Never
Primary reason 185 college students reported their last relationship ended
Someone Else