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Marketing Research
links the organizations with its market environment
Role of Marketing Research
To provide accurate and useful information for marketing managers to make better and less risky decisions throughout the marketing management process
Step 1
Define the Problem
Set research objectives
Step 2
Analyze the situation
Determine specific info needed and choose the appropriate type of research
Step 3
Getting problem specific data
Determine data collecting methods and collect data
Step 4
Interpret the data
Converting information into analysis
Step 5
Solving the problem
Make decision recommendations
Exploratory Research
used to gain ideas and insights about the research problem
Descriptive Research
Used when research objectives and questions are clearly formulated and when descriptive and summary measures are needed to address the questions
Experimental/Causal Research
used to establish cause-and-effect relationships
Sources of Data
Primary data
secondary data
MIS (Marketing Information System)
organized way of continually gathering, accessing, and analyzing information that marketing managers need to make decisions
Common Mistakes in Marketing Research
Ignore costs of obtaining info
Wrong type of research
Sample not representative
Validity problems