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What are the 4 classifications of advertising?
Target audience, geographic area, medium, purpose.
What are the 4 types of business advertising?
industrial, trade, professional, agricultural (farm)
Whata re the 4 geographic area advertising?
local (retailing), regional, national, international
what are the 4 advertising mediums?
print, broadcast, out-of-home, direct mail
6 advertising purposes?
product, nonproduct, commercial, noncommerical, action, awareness.
What are the entities of the hierarchy of effects? (of consumer ad processing)
Message exposure->attention->comprehension->acceptance->retention
Selective attention
consumers notice certain ads but not others.
selective comprehension
consumers interpretation of information in ads- they use their own opinions and preferences.
Selective retention (KISS)
Keep it simple stupid.
related to the concept of An influence on ad processing that requires consumer involvement; or the personal relevance or importanct of the marketing communication message.
An influence on ad processing that implies the buyer knows enough about the product category to understand the advertised message.
an influence on ad processing which is extent to which distractions or limited exposure time affect the buyers attention to brand information in an ad.
Steps to developing an advertising campaign
Select target market, determine advertising objectives, detm ad budget, design creative stragegy or select and schedule media, and evaluate advertising effectiveness.
Entities of public?
stock holders
community members
news media
Types of proactive marketing
product release announcements
enhancing corporate goodwill
cause related marketing
Types of reactive marketing
response to negative events and damaging publicity
negative info from external sources
align firms interests with public interest
7 objectives of consumer sales promotion
1 stimulate trial
2 increasesonsumer inventory and consumption
3 encourage repurchase
4 neutralize competitors
5 increase sales of complementary products
6 stimulate impulse purchasing
7 allow flexible pricing
8 techniques of consumer sales promotion
price deals
cross promotions
contests sweepstakes games
advertising specialties
objectives of trade sales promotion
gain/maintain distribution
influence resellers to promote product
influence resellers to offer price discount
increase reseller inventory
defend against competitors
avoid reduction of normal prices.
types of trade allowances
slotting allowance
buying allowance
display allowance
advertising allowance
Fake storefront
scam artist rents a place cheap, sets up a store, then starts sending in coupons to manufacturers for payment, shelves are bare but owner still sending in coupons.
stuffing the ballot box
sends in extra coupons.
playing the middle man
buying coupons and sellign them to retailers, or counterfieting it
redemption scam
uses real or fake proof of purchase for rebates
trends in retailing
global retailing, technological advances, customer service.
controllable factors
location, product or service, pricing, mktg communication
uncontrollable factors
consumers, competition, economic conditions, seasonality
ethical issues in retailing
consumer fraud, supplier labor practices, retail theft, slotting allowances, use of customer info, ecological considerations.
mktg communications are sometimes referred to as
mktg communication mix is sometimes called
promotional mix
role of mktg communication
inform, persuade, remind
communicate product availability, characteristics and benefits, and timing.
maintain awareness, inhibit competition, encourage repeat purchase
to encourage preference, attitude change, purchase.
5 entities of marketing communication mix
advertising, PR, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing
steps in communication planning
plan, check situation, communicate, figure budget, develop, implement, moniter
4 budgeting methods
percentage of sales, competative parity, all you can afford, objective-task
what is the key aspect of implementation?
ethical issues of advertising
deceptive advertising
reinforcing unfavorable stereo types
encouraging materialism and excessive consumption
ethical issues of PR
lack of sincerity
unfair economic power to gain
news events
ethical issues of sales promotions
slotting allowances
misleading promotions
unauthorized mailing lists
ethical issues of personal selling
high pressure selling
not disclosing limitations
misleading benefits
ethical issues of direct marketing communications
telemarketing (privacy)
customer database unauthorized
unwanted direct mail (waste)