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What kind of degree is the MBA? the MS?
1. general - prepare for CEO
2. specific
How much work experience is required for the MBA? the MS?
1. 2yrs +
2. no experience
How many hours does it take to complete the MBA? the MS?
1. 45 - 60
2. 30 - 36
If you are looking for a school and you know where you want to live, what should you do? if you don't know where you want to live?
1. pick a school in that city
2. pick a school with a big name and reputation
What is the average starting salary for an aTm grad with a marketing degree?
What kind of studying do you do for an MBA? an MS?
1. Case Studies
2. Research oriented (technical)
What is the starting salary for a graduate with an MBA? an MS?
1. $93,000
2. $60,000
What do graduate schools look at for acceptance?
1/3 GMAT
1/3 Grades
1/3 Activities
What are the top 3 rankings for placement centers as far as landing jobs (in the U.S.)?
2. Michigan
3. t.u.
How long is a GMAT test good for? when should you take it?
5 years; before you go to work
What do you wear to an interview?
a suit
How long should you take to answer each question? How long is an average interview?
45 - 60 seconds; 20 minutes
What kind of paper should you use on your resume? what color should it be?
1. at least 25% cotton bonded paper
2. white/off grey
Should you lie on your resume?
How do you format your resume?
use bullet points, and action words; emphasize skills rather than position titles
If a dentist wants to increase his business but all of his slots are full, what is the problem?
inseparability of production and consumption
If a maid service did a good job the past 3 weeks, but not this past week, describe the quality.
there is heterogeneity in the quality
If you get a root canal and after you cant tell if the dentist did a good job, what is this an example of?
a credence quality
A hair stylist is empty at 10am, but at 1pm there is a line out the door. This describes:
Kids wearing designer clothes encourages:
If you go to your grocer and ask him to carry a certain type of breathmint, this is an example of a:
pull policy
Elevator stuck. "Aren't you glad you used DIAL?"
If a bank describes themselves as "the friendliest bank in town," then they are using _____ advertising
If a fax machine sends an ad, what is the fax machine?
the medium of transmission
Marketers like this method, because it is the best to increase sales.
objective and task approach
If a manufacturer promotes to Kroger, not to the customer this is an example of a:
push policy
If a company advertises on AM radio, but their target market listens to FM radio, what is the problem?
there is a channel conflict with the medium of transmission
If a TV shows a Gilette ad, who is the Gilette?
the source
If a girl goes to the other side of the room to get away from the salesman, the is a _______ sign.
If a saleswoman decreases a price because the customer crosses their arms, this is an example of a _______ sign.
A tactile form of communication in the U.S. that seals deals:
the handshake
What is the definition of noise?
the interference with meaning sent by a source
If a NIKE commercial is interrupted by an emergency broadcast, this is an example of ________.
A Budweiser ad that promotes "When to say when" is an example of an ________ ad.
What is the secondary goal?
reach and frequency
If a Michelin tire ad tells you to check your tread, this is an example of a _________.
reminder ad
If an ad is shown in 4 parts, but it didnt show the company name/logo, what is missing?
the signature
What are the first and last steps in the personal selling process?
prospecting -> follow up
If Xerox is developing a list of potential clients, what are they doing?
If you have a very well dressed, professional salesperson with good skills and no knowledge, what should you do?
train her better
A salesman during a test drive says "Don't you think this is the nicest interior in this price range?", what are they doing?
a Trial Close
Small businesses usually cant afford this type of advertising.
TV ads
If the owner of the business wants his employees to work very hard, how should he pay them?
on commission
What type of promotion would you use to sell expensive items, generally?
personal selling
What is a rebate?
a ONE TIME cash back used for big purchases
If you get toothpaste with dental floss attatched, what is this an example of?
a premium
An important aspect of distribution of services is:
the company must go to the customers location
What is "dumping"?
the selling off of excess produced to other countries at unfair (lower) prices
What is the definition of GDP?
gross domestic product - the market value of a nation's total output in one year
Advertising is the:
highest ABSOLUTE cost
Personal selling is the:
most expensive PER PERSON
Pig farm t-shirt ad about publicity:
1. t-shirts are for word of mouth
2. the article is an example of PUBLICITY
Tell about the EU:
european union; common currency except for Swiss and UK; promotes trade
How many aTm mktg grads received job offers out of college?
61% received offers, 49% accepted
How many interviews on average per graduate did each student receive?
How many of these were attributed to TAMU Career Placement Center?
1) 7.19
2) 5.95
Show me the money!
Fellowships and Assistantships: work for school 10-20 hours per week; all grad programs give 100% internships