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marketing concept
managerial philosophy where management is focused on helping customers satisfy their needs
marketing orientation
an organization-wide commitment to researching and responding to consumer's needs & wants
marketing management
planning, organizing, implementing and controlling marketing activities
relationship marketing
establishing long-term, mutually satisfying buyer-seller relationships
strategic planning
establishing an organizational mission and formulating goals, corporate strategy, marketing strategy, marketing objectives and marketing plan
corporate strategy
determines how resources will be used in functional areas (departments) to reach org's goals
mission statement, objectives, values, resource development
strategic business unit strategy
business definition, competitive strategy, objectives, resource allocation and management
marketing strategy
plan for identifying & analyzing target markets
develop MMix
achieve org's goals
marketing plan
written document specifying activities to perform to implement organization's marketing activities
mission statement
long term view of what company wants to become
(e.g. UK's no. 1 retailer of wine)
marketing objective
statement of what you want marketing activities to achieve