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Sales promotion
- designed to boost sales
- consists of media and nonmedia marketing communications employed for a predetermined, limited time to stimulate trial, increase consumer demand or improve product availability. (coupons, samples, displays, contests, sweepstakes)
consumer sales promotion
- sales promotions directed at consumers
trade sales promotion
- sales promotions directed at resellers
price deal
a temporary reduction in the price of a product. (two kinds- cents off deals or price pack deals)
cents off deals
offer a brand at less than the regular price (ex. 25% off)
price pack deals
offer consumers something extra through the packaging itself. (cookie mix 25% bigger)
typically a printed certificate giving the bearer a stated price reduction or special value on a specific product, generally for a specific period of time. Good for new product trials.
free standing insert (FSI)
- most popular method of distributing coupons.
- its a preprinted coupon placed into a separate publication, such as a newspaper. (80% coupons this way in US)
on shelf couponing
dispenser mounted near the manufactureers particular product
checkout dispensers
supermarkets use this at cash register and it distributes similar products or beyond store promotions
online couponing
growing phenomenon, dist of coupons on the internet.
cash reimbursement ot a buyer for purchasing a product.
cross promotion
sometimes call "tie in", is the collaboration of two or more firms in a sales promotion.
offers prizes based on the skill of contestants.
offers prizes based on a chance drawing of participants names.
-similar to sweepstakes, but cover a longer period. Encourages customers to continue playing to win
an item given free or at a bargain price to encourage the consumer to buy.
a small size of a product made available to prospective purchasers, usually free of charge.
advertising specialty
also called promotional product, is an item of useful or interesting merchandise given away free of charge and typically carrying an imprinted name or message.
trade allowances
short term special allowances, discounts, or deals granted to resellers as an incenteive ot stock, feature or in some way participate in the cooperative promotion of a product.
dealer loader
a premium given to a reseller ot encourage development of a special display or product offering.
trade contest
typically associated prizes with sale of the sponsors product.
point of purchase display
generally used at the retail level to call customer attention to a featured product. Typically provided free or at low cost by manufacturer to the reseller
trade show
a periodic, semipublic event sponsored by trade professional and industrial associations at which suppliers rent booths to display products and provide information to potential buyers.
push money
also called "spiffs"
It is what a manufacturer pays to retail sales people to encourage them to promote its products over competitive brands.
Push money
forward buying
people buy mor ethan they need at the deal price.
pay for perfermance trade promotions
used to overcome forward buying, retailers are rewarded for making sales to consumers rather than making purchases from manufacturers.
you suck
also called arbitraging
- secretly purchasing a product where it is less expensive, usually as a result of a trade promotion and reselling in areas where prices are higher.