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Basic Sales Tasks
1) Order Getting

2) Order Taking

3) Order Supporting
What are the different types of Sales Presentations
1) Prepared
- memorized presentation not adopted to the individual. Will react to the stimulus and respond yes. Use when a short presentation is appropriate. Its downfall is it has no personality

2) Consultative
- focus on the individual customer, involves listening and showing how
you can fulfill their needs. Requires skill and time, used with already established customers

3) Selling formula approach
- starts with a prepared approach then moves to logically closing. Brings the customer into the conversation, usually follows AIDA
Personal Selling Techniques
1) Prospecting- following leads to identify potential customers, also potentially review existing new accounts, rank and grade accounts to keep them organized, some require more attention than others, some will require less over time.

2) Sales Presentation- effort to make a sale or address a customer’s problem. Strategy decision set before the call. A prepared or consultative approach is used. Follows AIDA