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The main goal of the __________ is to develop and maintain long term customer relationships.

a. selling concept
b. customer concept
c. business concept
d. marketing concept
d. Marketing concept
A _________is one or more specific groups or potential consumers toward which an organization directs it marketing program.

a. target market
b. consumer market
c. focus group
d. research group
a. target market
Which of the following do marketers consider to be part of the marketing mix?
a. consumers, product, promotion, price
b. place, product, promotion, price
c. distribution, product, profit, price
d. place, product, price, markup
b. place, product, promotion, price
The main focus of marketing is to ______ and __________ consumer needs.

a. research, develop
b. discover, satisfy
c. profit, exploit
d. understand, develop
b. discover, satisfy
A type of marketing that is designed to build interest in a candidate or a celebrity is know as ______________.

a. idea marketing
b. place marketing
c. event marketing
d. person marketing
d. Person Marketing
You go shopping at Kroger’s. While standing in the checkout lane you notice a wide variety of candy bars. You decide to buy a Snickers candy bar as a treat. You most likely used ________________ to make your decision.

a. limited problem solving
b. advanced problem solving
c. extended problem solving
d. routine problem solving
d. Routine Problem Solving
You decide to go out for dinner. Your favorite places are McDonalds, Wendy’s, Chili's, Friday’s, and Steak–n-Shake. You seriously consider McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Chili’s. You decide to eat at Chili’s. The three restaurants you seriously consider when making your choice is known as your____________.

a. extended decision set
b. evoked set
c. heuristics set
d. VALS set
b. Evoked Set
______________are people that have a significant effect on an individual’s evaluations, aspirations, or behavior.

a. Reference groups
b. Social groups
c. Antecedent groups
d. Opinion leaders
a. Reference Groups
Which of the following is not a risk that consumers worry about when making purchasing decisions?

a. Performance Risk
b. Financial Risk
c. Social Risk
d. Credit Risk
d. Credit Risk
Which of the following is a way that marketers reduce purchasing risks for consumers?

a. Guarantees
b. Liberal return policies
c. Testimonials
d. All of the above are ways that marketers reduce risk for consumers.
d. All of the above are ways that marketers reduce risk for consumers.
A major difference between exploratory research and descriptive research is what?

a. Exploratory research is quantitative and descriptive research qualitative in nature.
b. Exploratory research is less expensive to conduct than descriptive research.
c. Exploratory research is qualitative and descriptive research is quantitative in nature.
d. Descriptive research is more reliable than exploratory research.
c. Exploratory research is qualitative and descriptive research is quantitative in nature.
The use of optical scanners in grocery stores to collect data about consumers is used in what type of research?

a. descriptive research
b. causal research
c. exploratory research
d. personal research
a. descriptive research
“New Coke” bombed in the 1980’s primarily because the research data was not ___________.

a. representative of the consumers who purchase soft drinks
b. valid because researchers failed to ask the right questions
c. reliable because the research techniques used were faulty
d. outdated by the time New Coke hit the marketplace
b. valid because researchers failed to ask the right questions
To effectively calculate the mean absolute percentage error (MAPE), you must first calculate the individual____________ for each year in the data set.

a. alpha (APS)
b. actual percentage error (APE)
c. exponential smoothing models (ESM)
d. moving average models (MAM)
b. actual percentage error (APE)
A sales manger is using the exponential smoothing model (ESM) to forecast SUV sales in 2007. The data set he will use for this forecast will be from the years 2000-2006. Because he believe that gas prices will remain high for 2007 (above $2.00 a gallon), he want to make sure that his forecast reflects the recent spike in gasoline sales from 2005-2006. To do this he should ______________ to accurately reflect the recent spike in high fuel costs in his sales forecast.

a. use an alpha closer to zero
b. use the lowest MAPE
c. use an alpha closer to one
d. use the highest APE
c. use an alpha closer to one
A dressmaker works out her home serving the clothing needs of Indian women in Bloomington. She wants to develop a marketing strategy that will target Indian women in the area. To be effective she should implement what type of marketing strategy when promoting her line of clothing?
a. customized marketing
b. differentiated marketing
c. undifferentiated marketing
d. positioning marketing
a. customized marketing
Pepperidge Farm has developed a new thick-sliced French Toast Swirl bread. The company realizes most people who eat toast for breakfast, see it as a side dish. Pepperidge Farm's ads advise consumers of this bread that this new product, “doesn't go with breakfast. It is breakfast.” Which segmentation variable is being used in this example?

a. usage
b. benefits
c. demographics
d. geographic
a. usage
A _________ can help a company identify where their product is in relationship to other products.

a. segmentation map
b. perception map
c. positioning map
d. customized map
b. perception map
________________ is a strategy most often used by small firms that directs the firm's efforts toward serving a very small segment.

a. Benefit marketing
b. Undifferentiated marketing
c. Concentrated or Niche marketing
d. Positioning marketing
c. Concentrated or Niche marketing
Solace is a 25-year-old information technology company that owns several subsidiaries. One of its subsidiaries is Atlantix Global Systems, which is fairly new to the marketplace and is gaining market share in the refurbished computer equipment market, an industry that is growing worldwide. According to the BCG portfolio matrix, Atlantix Global would most likely be classified as a ___________.

a. dog
b. cash cow
c. question mark
d. star
c. question mark