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What are two major transaction functions and defn.
Buying-intermediaries such as wholeslaers and retailers purchase products for resale or take consigned products
selling- intermediaries contact potential customers, promote products, and deliever vairous services. These can include credit, research and referrals.
buying and selling
major physical distribution functions and defn.
transportation- moving products
assorting - intermediary busy in bulk
sorting, intermediary breaks bulk
storage - stores products
inventory - physical count of products
trasnportation, assorting, sorting, storage, inventory
Transportation selections
What are they and speed cost and access
rail- speed cost and access check
trucking - speed and cost avg, access excellent
air- speed good, cost bad, access avg.
water- speed poor, cost good access poor
pipleline - speed poor cost good access poor
water and pipeline the same
assorting and sorting by wholesaler
manufacturer assorting stage buys in bulk
wholesaler sorting stage breaks bulk
manuf, wholesaler, retailer
4steps of wholesalers
raw matl & component parts
manuf assembly
channels of distrib
consumers or users
Supply chain management defn
includes all organizations that physically supply the company, the company's own physical distribution, and all members of gthe