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created scientific speicies classification system; he also studied dolphins+
Prince Henry the Navigator
founded a navigation center
Vasco de Gama
discovered route to India from Portugal
found the Pacfic Ocean
Circumnavigated the world
Fermin Lasuen
spanish missions priest that came after Father Sera and sailors named ports after him
Sir Francis Drake
discovered san francisco bay and was an admiral of the British Fleet
Henry Hudson
founded the Hudson Bay Company that was looking for the north west passage
Abel Tasmen
discovered Tasmania
Ben Franklin
mapped the Gulf Stream
James Cook
sailed to Hawaii and Australia. He developed a chronometer that told how fast the ship is going
Antoine Jerome Balard
discovered Bromine while studying sea water
Louis Agassiz
studied plate tectonics, glaciers, and fossil fish
Charles Darwin
developed the theory of coral atoll formation
Matthew Maury
charted currents and whale migration
Edward Forbes
studeied the deep ocean and found no life in deep ocean
Thomas H. Huxley
studied jellyfish
Chrales Wyville Thomson
had a boat named The Challenger and found the Mid Atlantic Ridge
Sir John Murray
went on the challenger expedition and made charts for navigation
Fridtjof Nansen
sampled water, if you want water from 200 feet down, you need a special bottle that captured deep water, also explored the Arctic
Charles William Beebe
invented bathysphere for deep ocean diving
Auguste Piccard
made underwater submarine
Vagn Walfrid Ekman
studied wind and ocean currents
William Maurice Ewing
developed underwater camera
Alfred Wegener
studied plate techtonics and island formation
Rachel Carson
wrote book called "Silent Spring" and "The Sea Around Us." promoted the value of sea. raised awarness on DDT
Willard Bascom
studied waves and why they break at sea and on shore
Robert Ballard
discovered titanic in 1986 and the Bismark, a war ship
Eugenie Clark
is a marine biologist that made movies on sharks and is a shark expert