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What is an invertabrate?
An animal that doesn't have a backbone or spinal column.
Do invertabrates have a skeleton?
What are some examples of marine vertabrates?
Fish, dolphins, whales, sharks.
What is a marine mammal?
a mammal adapted to live in the marine environment and dependent on the ocean for food.
Is a mammal a vertabrate?
What is a vertabrate?
An animal with an internal skeleton made of bone.
Give two examples of marine mammals.
Whales and dolphins.
What are examples of invertabrates?
All crustaceans (shrimp, crabs, lobster, barnacles, and starfish).
Do some invertabrates have a hard outer shell?
Are fish vertabrates?
What are three characteristics of fish?
1. Breath underwater through gills.
2. Covered with scales.
3. Cold blooded.
What are the 5 characteristics of mammals?
1. Warm blooded
2. Live birth
3. Breathe air
4. Have hair or fur
5. Nurse their young
Are fish mammals?