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What are two of your most important accomplishments?
Two of my most important accomplishments were my 250th workout at Pacific Coast Academy and my President’s Education Award. I was very happy when I got my 250th workout certificate because I felt like I accomplished a lot because I only went to karate about 3 times a week. The President’s Education Award was a big accomplishment as well because it showed me that my grades had improved greatly from 4th grade to 5th grade.
Tell me about yourself.
I am an approachable person who interacts well with others. Setting goals for myself and achieving them are what I live to do. I want to work as a marine biologist because I love science, I want to study the all of the marine life on our planet, and I am a very adventurous person who is willing to take risks. I am devoted to something that I start, and can’t stop until I’m finished. Since I was a little, my father would always bring home some tropical fish for our fish tank. He taught me so much about how they adapt, how and what they eat, etc. Since then, my goal was to become something related to underwater science. Back then, I didn’t know what that was called, but as I grew older, I realized that what I really wanted to become was a marine biologist.
When you have multiple tasks to complete, how do you prioritize to ensure all of the work is completed?
When I have multiple tasks to complete, I write all of my homework down in my trusty planner. Everyday Monday, I write down all of the homework for the week and it really helps me get my homework in place. I can check off the assignments I have done and can pace myself. Also, I keep a whiteboard in my room that shows me all of the homework (kind of like my planner) and I can erase it everyday and pace myself that way as well. It makes me feel like I’m getting my homework done faster as I check off the board/planner and it keeps me on track.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths are that I am driven to do things that I want to do. I work hard on something that I’m motivated to do and that I really like and enjoy. For example, when I start reading a book that I really like, I can’t stop reading it and I end up reading more than I was asked to. Although it is a strength, it can become a weakness as well. I can’t stop concentrating one thing and cannot concentrate on another. However, to solve that problem, I would always make a schedule for myself and pace myself so I can finish things until their deadlines.
If we were to ask your teachers what your most outstanding quality is, what would they say? Can you give an example of a time when you demonstrated that quality?
If you were to ask my teachers what my most outstanding quality, they would probably say that I have good judgment and good communication skills. I can make my own decisions and solve them myself. For example, when I have a zero on a paper and I was absent on that day, I would print the grades out at home and highlight the incorrect part. Then I would immediately go to ask the teacher about it after or before class. I try to judge my limits and always try to do my best. I also am good at clearly communicating with others. Working in groups helps me finish things quicker and there will be more and possibly better ideas.
Talk about a special contribution you have made to a team.
In classes, when we need to work on a project such as the Flowers for Algernon project in English, we needed to work together and have teamwork. Our team designated roles for each part such as the game board, the markers, and the title. We worked for many hard hours and were determined to get it done. Overall, after we completed it, we got 100%. J Another time I contributed to a team was in Leadership when we had to work together to make banners to go around the school. Everyone worked together, designating jobs such as who would draw the layout, who would paint, and who would get the paper. Eventually, many banners were finished and they looked great.
What aspects of your education will contribute the most to your effective performance in this job?
An aspect of my education that will contribute to my performance in this job is reciting a speech to a class. It builds communication and concentration. I need to communicate my ideas to the class about my opinions, and I have to concentrate on what exactly to say to that class to support my opinions. For example, when I did a speech in 7th grade about why toes were essential, I had to communicate my ideas and concentrate on what I had to say.
Tell me about an extra-curricular activity in which you’ve participated and how that will help you in this profession? (match skills)
One of the extracurricular activities that I have participated in is karate. I’ve been doing karate for almost five years and it helps me to have physical stamina and taking risks, which are two traits I need in order to become a marine biologist. In karate, I have to kick and punch with the risk of getting hurt or kicked back. You have to be agile and always alert to be able to spar and defend yourself. We do things like throwing people, self-defense, and even how to fall correctly so you wont get the wind knocked out of you.
If you had a co-worker who was always late and didn’t complete his/her work, which made you look bad, what would you do? Why?
If I had a co-worker who always made me look bad, I would give him/her a long talk about why I don’t like the way he/she is acting and that he/she really needs to stop. I would say that I am ashamed and how hard I am working when they’re just slacking off and not getting anything done. If that doesn’t work, then I would just have to cope with it and accept him/her for who they are.
How if your personality reflected in the activities you enjoy?
My personality is reflected in the activities I take such as karate. It fits my personality because I am willing to take risks and am a very adventurous person. I get taught new forms I have to memorize, get taught new kicks and punches, and different self-defenses. You have to be agile and always alert to be able to spar and defend yourself. It helps me to learn new things very quickly and get better by practicing everyday.
Why do you want to work in this industry?
I want to work in this industry because first of all I love science, second of all marine life is my favorite subject, and third, I enjoy taking risks. Ever since I was little, I collected and kept animals. There’s a creek in my backyard and after it rained, I studied the little creatures living in them and I was fascinated. There were creatures such as baby mosquitoes, water spiders, and other animals I had never seen before in my life. After that, my goal was to be able to study marine life all over the world.
17. Do you prefer working alone or in groups?
I prefer working both alone and in groups. When I work in groups, there are more ideas, but when I work alone, I can concentrate better. Once in English, we did a project and we were put into groups of four. Only me and another girl in our group were serious about the project and we ended up getting a 100% when the other two didn’t do anything. It was unfair to both of us. So if I work in groups, I would rather work with a group that does not slack off and that I know will be serious about getting an “A,” on something.
What would you say are the broad responsibilities of someone in this profession?
I would say that the broad responsibilities of someone in this profession is collecting and analyzing data about marine life and developing new methods on how to research marine life. For example, when if find a new species while snorkeling, I would first have to collect it, analyze it, and develop new things about it such as (what it eats, how it eats, etc.) After doing so, I would then have to share my results with others to see if it is really a new species or not.
When do you have difficulty making decisions?
I have difficulty making decisions when other people tell me that they are wrong. For example, when in science class, we were doing a dissection lab. I was telling the group to put down the names of the internal organs, but my group was writing down the outer such as the skin when I thought we were supposed label the lungs, heart, and kidneys. I was puzzling over which we should label and it was very stressful. Overall, we ended up asking the teacher about which to label. I was correct, and we labeled the inner organs.
What situations excite and motivate you?
Situations that motivate or excite me are of course marine life and animals. Working with them makes me motivated to start something. When I studied life science in 7th grade, I was pumped to learn about new things about living things. I was curious about why and when things occurred. I was especially excited about learning about marine life. The pictures of the aquatic creatures made me want to learn about them more and why they turned a certain color, etc.
Give us a situation that illustrates your ability to exercise good judgment.
A situation when I illustrated good judgment was when my friend brought a dangerous weapon to school in the 5th grade. I was puzzling over to tell anyone because he told me not to tell anyone. I didn’t tell anyone until about three days after he brought the weapon. I told the principal all that I could and she said that she would talk to him about it. After a few days, he was diagnosed with a serious mental illness, so I was very relieved that I had told her about it because if I hadn’t told the principal about the weapon that he had brought, he wouldn’t be taking medication and going to counseling.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself in 10 years diving underwater, with fish and other creatures surrounding me. I carefully take notes on them and take pictures. If I see an interesting one, I may take many notes on it and observe it closely. I might collect it so I could observe it better in a tank. I see myself noting each creature, every detail, enjoying myself as I watch the creatures go by in the quiet waters of the depth below. My blood would be pumping each time I would come near a fascinating underwater creature, watching how it adapts, how it eats, and even how it swims.
Tell us about a situation when you made a mistake. How did you handle the mistake, and what was the resolution?
A situation when I made a mistake was when I forgot to tell my teacher that I hadn’t turned in a 40-point project. I was absent for a few days and came back on the due date of the project. I completely forgot about turning it in and as soon as I remembered, I went up to my teacher after class. She understood and gave me another week to finish it. I was very happy to have asked the teacher because without the project in my grade, I would’ve had a 54%!
What is the most important thing you are looking for in a job?
The most important thing I am looking for in a job is fun and adventure. I am a very inquisitive person who is almost always looking for something fun or exciting. However, I know when to be serious and when to concentrate on something very essential or important. I get very excited when I see marine life because of how diverse they are from animals on land. So the most important thing I am looking for in a job is something that would get my blood pumping and excited. I understand that I need to be serious about it as well.
How do you feel when things go wrong in a project? How do you handle it?
When things go wrong in a project, I feel frustrated and unorganized. To fix this, I would make a schedule or a time plan for myself. I would write down what I need to get finished and when to start working on something else so I could pace myself on each part of the project rather than just one single part. After I finish each part, I put them together and then start working on all of them combined and the little details. When the details are finished, the project should look neat and organized.