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What happened to Titanic
hit iceberg, took in water, went vertical and sank
the upward supporting force given to floating objects
greek scientists 287-212bc
Archimedes Principle
bouyant force is = to weight of liquid object displaces

apparent loss in weight is = to the weight of the liquid displaced
Why do some objects sink while others float?
if the object weighs more than the water is displaces it sinks
What damage caused people to first think caused the titanic to sink?
huge gash the ship filled with water and the added weight became greated than bouyant force
Relationship between bouyant object and water it displaces?
a bouyant object weighs the same as the water it displaces
Why are many settlements along coasts?
cheaper to transport cargo
Earliest recorded trading routes
greek geographer first accurate map of world
Characteristics of viking ships
made of oak, 15-30m, powered by sails and oars, flat bottom for safe travel in shallow water
Viking discoveries
greenland, canada
Bartholomue Dias
sailed around southern tip of Africa
crossed atlantic landed in bahamas, central and south america
John Cabot
explored coast of north america
Amerigo Vespucci
first to realize that north america was not part of asia
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
sailed across panama and saw pacific ocean
Ferdinand Magellan
first circumnavigate
Giovanni da Verrazano
explored coast of north america from georgia to mass.
Jacques Cartier
traveled st lawrence river and eastern coast of canada
Captain James Cook
discovered solution to scurvy(lack of vitamin c) to eat citrus fruits and mapped many islands
Ben Franklin
discovered gulf stream / currents traveled east from america
Charles Darwin
Sailed on HMS beagle collected and discovered many animals/galapagos islands