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McCulloch v Maryland
Elastic Clause is used to eliminate taxation on federal agencies
Dred Scott v Sanford
Missouri Compromise is declared unconstitutional and slaves are declared property
Plessy v Ferguson
Separate but equal facilities are constitutional
Schenck v US
you cannot yell "fire" in a crowded movie theatre. You would be violating others constitutional rights. You would be arrested for presenting a clear and present danger to the country
Brown v Board of Education of Topeka
Overturned Plessy v Ferguson. Separate but equal facilities is not constitutional
Mapp v Ohio
legal search and seizure. Only legally obtained evidence can be used in trial
Engel v Vitale
School prayer is legal
Miranda v Arizona
police must inform you of your constitutional rights when you are arrested
Roe v Wade
Women have the right to an abortion
Northern Securities v US
broke up railroad monopoly
Munn v Illinois
railroad prices had to be fixed at a reasonable price regardless of what state it ran through
Korematsu v US
Use of elastic clause. An entire race could be labeled and detained for national security
Gideon v Wainwright
all states must provide attorneys for people who could not afford one
Tinker v DeMoines
students have the right to wear armbands. Symbolic Free Speech
Ny Times v US
pentagon papers could be publicized, not a threat to national secuirty. Free Press v Executive Power
US v Nixon
federal due process v. executive privilege- Nixon was forced to hand over documents. Presidents are not above the law
New Jersey v TLO
school officials who have reasonable suspicion can search a student
Cruzan v Dept of Health
people have the right to refuse treatment. State powers- right to die
Veronia School Dist
drug testing on athletes is constitutional
Marbury v Madison
establishes jusdicial review. Strengthened judicial branch power