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inductice logic
reasoning that transforms spacific observations into general theory
deductive logic
reasoning that transforms general theory into specific hypothesis suitable for testing
participant observation
complete participant
total involvement in rewarch scene withoug letting others know of research interests
participant obs
full participation and making clear to pop under stydy ones role as researcher
part obs
interacts as participant, kaing no pretense of actually being a participant
pert obs
complete observer
observes social process iwthout becoming a part of it any way.
gender roles
behavior patterns, learning to become femine and masculine through social interaction
gender identity
persons emotional a d intellectual awareness of being either male or female.
belief that differences between sexes are biological, physioligal
beleif that diff in sexes is learned from environment, social, culture
blending of both masculine and femenine charastericts in the same person.
self identicfication theor
children cagagorize themselves as male or female by age 3, identify behaviors from fam and media, tv.
chodrows theory of gender
identify primary identification of their early care giver. later children must learn to differentiate psychologically and emotionally