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an imaginary line that circles the earth halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole
prime meridian
an imaginary circle around the earth dividing the Eastern and Western Hemispheres
large body of land
half of the earth
cardinal directions
the directions north, south, east, and west
intermediate directions
the directions northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest
relative size of a map which tells how much smaller map distances are than real distances
anything that stands for something else
map key
a list of map symbols with an explanation of what each symbol stands for
political map
a map showing primarily political divisions, such as national or state boundaries, important cities, and capitals
physical map
a map that shows primarily the natural features of the earth, such as lakes, rivers, mountains, and deserts
landform map
a physical map showing how the earth's surface varies from place to place
grid map
a map that is divided into a series of squares that can be identified by letters and numbers
distribution map
a special purpose map that shows how one particular feature, such as vegetation, is spread over an area