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the point of origin of a stream of water.
Where is India and what is it's climate like?
Is India above or below the equator?
What is a land mass called that has water on three sides? Does India have water on three sides?
What do ships have to watch out for when travaling the North Atlantic in December?
Describe the location of Washington, D.C.?
39 degrees North and 77 degrees West.
Martin Luther King Jr. had a belief system for civil disobediance based on the principal of nonvilonce. Who did he get it from?
Mohandas Gandhi
Martin Luther King Jr, civil right movement addressed what concern in society?
unequal status
The struggle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union is known as?
the Cold War.
Why is it necessary to have one currency the same for each state in the Union?
so that a dollar bill has the same value
all across the U.S.
How the the constitution meet the needs of a changing society?
the legislation brach can vote on amendments.
What kinds of peoples traveled to look for food?
native americans