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What is a map?
A map is a drawing that shows the surface features of an area.
What is a globe?
A globe is a round ball with the world map on it.
What is Louisiana?
A state in the southern United States. It's capital is Baton Rouge.
What is an longitude?
Distance that is mesured on the earth's surface going east to west along imaginary lines.
What is a grid?
An arrangment of parallel lines and crossing bars.
What is a boundary?
A line that marks the edge of a country
What is the Equator?
An inmaginary line around the
earth.It's a halfway between the North and the South Poles.
The United Sates and Canada are North of the equator.
What is a compass?
A compass is an instrument for showing directions.
What is a compass rose?
A compass rose is a symbol on a map that shows directions.