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What document covers map reading and land navigation?
FM 3-25.26
What is a map?
A graphic representation of the Earth's surface drawn to scale as seen from above.
What is the purpose of a map?
To provide accurate information about the existance, location and distance between ground features like terrain, elevation, populated areas, routes of travel and communication.
What is the scale of a map?
The ratio of ground distance to map distance and expressed in a fraction.
How many map scales are there and what are their names?
Three: small, medium, and large.
Name several types of maps.
Topographic, planimetric, photomap, and terrain model.
What is a topographic map?
A map that portrays the layout of terrain features, as well as relief, or the vertical distance of the feature.
What is a photomap?
An aerial photograph of a portion of the earth's surface on which grid lines, place names, and approximate scale and direction have been added.
What is a planimetric map?
A map that only shows the horizontal positions of features. It differs from a topographic map in that it omits relief, usually represented by contour lines.
What is marginal information/
Instructions about the maps use, size, area.
Where is the map sheet name found/
Two places: the center of the upper margin and either the right or left side lower margin.
What is a map usually named after?
The most prominent geographical or cultural feature. whenever possible it is named after the largest city on the map.
Where is the map sheet number found?
In two places: the upper right and lower left margins.
Where is the map series name found?
The upper right and lower left margins.
Where is the scale of the map found?
In the upper left margin after the series name, and in the lower margin at the center.
Where is the edition mumber of a map found?
The upper margin and in the lwoer left margin. It represents the age of the map- the higher the number the more recent the edition of hte map.
Where is the declination diagram found/
The lower margin of large-scale maps.
What is the declination diagram?
It shows the angular relationships of true north, grid north and magnetic north.
Where are the bar scales of a map located?
In the center of the lower margin.
What is a bar scale/
A ruler used to convert map distance to ground distance.
What are the usual three units of measure in a bar scale?
They are meters, statute miles, and nautical miles.
Where is the contour interval note found?
Usually below the bar scales in the middle of the lower margin.
What is contour interval?
The vertical distance of the space between the contour lines. In more recent maps that distance or space is given in meters instead of feet.
Where is the legend of a map found?
In the lower left margin
What is in a map legend?
The symbols that represent topographic features.
How many colors does a map usually have?
What are the colors?
Black, blue, green, brown, red.
What do the colors of a map represent?
Black-man made features.
Brown-relief features and elevation.
Red-cultural features such as populated areas.
What is longitude?
A measure of distance east or west of the prime meridian.
In what city is the prime meridian?
Greenwich, England.
In which direction are the lines of longitude drawn on a map?
North and south.
lines of longitude are also known as what?
What is latitude?
The measure of distance north or south of the equator.
What is the starting point for latitude?
The equator.
Lines of latitude are also known as what?
What type of map system does the US military use?
UTM The Universal Transverse Mercator
What portion of the world is a UTM map designated for?
That part of the world between Lat 84 degrees North, and Lat 80 degrees south.
What is the basic rule for finding coordinates on a map?
Starting from the lower left corner, read right then up.
How close will you get to a location with a four, six and eight digit grid coordinate?
4-1000 meters
6-100 meters
8-10 meters
Name three types of contour lines.
Index, intermediate, supplementary