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After 12 days of hosp in the icu, a prev comatose 24 yo car acc survivor opens his eyes for 1st time. Pt appears alert but unaware of his surroundings. Stays awake intermitt thru day and sleeps at night. Although his pupilary reflex appear intact, his eye movements seem to be nonpurposeful. Which best described patient’s condition?
b) pt is neurovegetative state and although his RAS may be intact.
2. An abnormality of which of the foll in a pat neuro cond WILL NOT result in alter
3. previuously healthy stock broker. BP 210/90; hx of HTN. All should be considered EXCEPT
b) lumbar puncture should be done immediately to rule out a subdural bleed (lp cannot see subd)
4. 68 yr old male long hx of tobacco; worstening shortness of breath. Lately incr difficutly compl tasks. Room air 02 sat of 88%. All true EXCEPT
c) hypoxia is likely caused by a true pulmonary shunt
5. 78 yo male with hx of CHF. Heart displaced to left. Vocal and tact fremitus is absent on same area / no egophony.
a) rigth peural effusion
6. which scenarios MOST LIKELY result in hypoxia due to pure right-to-left shunt:
c) 4 yo child with ventri sept
7. All commonly cause high in leukocyte count EXCEPT:
d) severe migraine headache
8. Which about Lymphocytes is NOT true:
a) elevation commonly called “left shift”
9. 72 yo female metastatic breast cancer admit w/ weakness and dizz. BP 88/45 and Hear rate 110. BUN is 28. all true EXCEPT:
b) patient is dehydrated and would benefit from administration of free water (cuz Na is 133)
10. Which is LEAST likely to cause high esonophil count:
d) pneumococcal pneumonia
11. All of the following agents are able to raise body temp. Which is NOT an exogenous pyrogen:
a) cytokines
12. Which of the following statements is TRUE about hyperthermia and fever?
c) hyperthe can be said to be a state of high temp with a normal hypothalamus (hypothalamic set point)
13. Which of the following is NOT an indication for mech lowering of body temp w high fever?
e) west nile virus in elderly male with temp of 38 celsius
14. 69 man retroster chest pain, ecert relieved by rest. Chol is 189 and ldl 125. BP 125/95 (narrow pulse pressure – KEY) with a pulse of 76. Fine rales in bases of lungs. Hearth, late-peaking crescendo-decrescendo systolic ejection murmur. Dx?
c) critical aortic stenosis
15 The path mech is most likely?
b) sypply / demand mismatch with sub endocardial ischemia second to markedly incr left ventr pressure in face of ssign thick of the LV myocardium.
16. 48 yo male hx of Grave’s disase compl of worsening dyspnea on exer and orthop & pedal edema. Exam holosystolic murmur that radiates to axila. Which of the following would be the MOST therapeutic rec?
d) Mitr valve replacement with mechanical valve and be placed on anticoagulation for life
17. all statements of aortic insuff EXCEPT:
b) murmur of aortic ins is loud low pith and best heard at beginning of systole over the left precordium
18. 42 yo woman tennis on warm day. Developed jaw pain, mild nausea, and SOB. On way home, dveloped crushing substern pain. Called 911. Glucose is 125. Graph showing ECG.
d) rupture of vulnerable plaque in a major coronary artery with subsequent formation of an occlusive thrombus eliminating antegrade blood flow to a portion of myo
20. ther inter known to improve
c) beta blocker
21. 55 yo man hx of DM and CAD. Which contribued most to chest pain
a) cig smoking
22. whock is NOT abs indica for cor art bypass surgery
d) severe stenosis in the mid portion of LAD with patent coll circ
23. young Japanese chest pain, (PRINZmel) EXCEP:
c) ofter requires stenting and/or thrombolytic therapy
24. 59 woman. 20 lbs overweight, fasting TG is 400 mg/dl. Which is NOT immed recomm in order to lower MI.
e) implement pharm to reduce pts weight
25. all ECG tracings
e) all of the above
26. a regular heart rate can be estimated by a simple rule measuring interval between two adjacent QRS.
Answer: 300 / # of big boses
28. Virchow’s Triad / VQ scan has [...] sensitivity
28. Virchow’s Triad / VQ scan has high sensitivity
29. “smothering sensation” CXR enlarged shadow. Which is true about pts condition
e) he is likely to have adaptive mechanis for his heart failure which would include ventr remod and neurohormonal activation
heart rate of 150 on ECG is ALWAYS […] until proven otherwise
heart rate of 150 on ECG is ALWAYS A-flutter until proven otherwise
31. the follow neuroend and cell changes are likely to be present in pts with syst heart fail EXCEPT
b) decr levels of plasma NE
32. all of the following are recomm in tx of pts with dil cardiomy EXCET
c) incr NaCl intake
34 Which is NOT cause of dilated cardio
d) amyloid Cardiomyopathy
35. severity of DAT is corr w/
d) degree of synaptic loss
37. not a cardinal feature of idiopathic Park
e) flacid paresis
40. all of the following are potential intrinsic causes of acute renal failure ECEPT
e) ureteral obstruction
41. Which of tollowing neuro-endocr is NOT likely
45 most in distin chonic renal fail
d) small and echogen kidney onn ultrasound
46. BEST describes epilepsy
d) recurrent, unprovoked seizures of unexplained or unkown etiology
47. compensatory response to met alk charac by
a) increase in PaCO2
48. 67 male with long hx of smoking presents to hosp ER with progr SOB. Arterial blodd gas shows:Ph7.2
CO2: 58
P02: 65
HCO3: 33
What is the primary acid-base disorder?