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When an alleged mentally ill person is refused admittance by the psych unit, what do we do with the person?
Return to the scene of apprehension or released at the hosp. if they refuse transport.
When a conservatee requires our assistance with apprehension of a 5150, What do we do?
Request must be in writing and we must have a certified copy of the commitment order.
In cases involving Dead Bodies who is responsibile for notifing the W/C?
The handling field unit.
Strike Reports - How do we document Noncriminal strike related activities?
We supp the original Labor Dispute complaint Report.
Who is the liaison agent to the Cal. State Dept. of ABC?
Station Commanders. (Captain)
Each station is required to maintain what if any info on ABC Licensee's?
Each station is required to maintain a file with current status and ownership on each ABC business.
Define "AT Risk" as it pertains to Missing Person's.
At Risk - 1) crime or foul play 2) in need of medical attention 3) no pattern of running away 4) be the victim of parental abduction 5) mentally or physically impaired
Missing person reports shall be entered into NCIC within how many hours?
4 hours
A missing person notification to the school of record must be completed in person within how many days of the report?
10 days
Missing person's not located within __ days will be refered to homicide.
40 days, with all copies of reports and dental xrays
Missing Child is described as, what?
Any child under 12 years old is at risk. Notify the watch commander as soon as possible.
Critical missing person - Phase 1 is supervised by who?
Station Watch Commander, after 4 hours of searching, brief the DB Commander and turn ov supervision to him for Phase 2
Critical missing person - Phase 2 is supervised by Who?
DB commander, notify the unit commander of phase 2 missing person immediately.
Critical missing person - Phase 3 is supervised by who?
Hard lieutenant as operations commander, two detectives and one patrol supervisor.
Courtesy reports - missing persons. Who is responsible for the investigation?
The agency where the missing person resides.
What does the Investigator do to a missing person case whent the person turns 18?
Reassign to Homicide or Clear if no susp. circ.
When you transport a female, what is required by the deputy?
If you have an MDT to record the "status with Text". If not broadcast the mileage via radio.
Can a lone male deputy transport a female arrestee?
Yes, he must go directly to the booking site and advise SCC that he is alone and transporting a Female.
If a female is taken into custody for 5150, who can transport?
She must be transported by no less than two deputies.
The AR-15 can be used by any Deputy with Wtch Cmdr's Approval. (T) or (F)
False. In no instance, will authorization be given to anyone Dept qualified.
When a deputy is requesting deployment of the AR-15, who may authorize this?
The Wtch Cmdr will ensure that a Field Supervisor and available rifle cars are responding.
How do you report the deployment of the AR-15 in the field?
A post deployment MDT log entry will be made after the incident is over.
The department approved Electronic Immobilization Belt can be authorized by who?
The Wtch Cmdr or Court Order. It's use falls in the High Risk/Assaultive category.
Except in emergent situations who can authorize the use of a Taser on a Civil Demonstrator?
The notification of the Field Sergeant and the approval of the Wtch Cmdr.
The taser is defined as what kind of force in the "Use of Force Reporting and Review Procedures"?
The Taser is considered "significant" force?
Who can authorize the release of a firearm from Evidence or storage?
Release must be authorized by the detective lieutenant or higher ranking officer.
Are deputy personnel liable for civil damage on account of personal injury when responding C-3?
No. 17004 VC makes it not liable for civil damage when rolling C-3. red light and siren is required.
Code 3 Defined
Operating an authorized emergency vehicle with red light and sounding a siren - with due regard for safety.
Desk personnel authorizing or aware of a C-3 response shall notify who?
They shall immediately notify their watch commander.
Definition of Pursuit.
An active attempt by a driver of Dept. Veh to stop a veh. whose driver is attempting to avoid him.
Once a driver of a veh. is refusing to yield, dep's shall discontinue when?
the only known reason for the stop is 1) Possible grand theft auto 2) Infraction or Misd. crime.
Dep's can pursue misd. suspects when?
1)Display a firearm in an assaultive manner 2)Reckless DUI
Can Motorcycles participate in Pursuit's?
Initialy yes, until a marked vehicle is available. Then as a secondary unit with the approval of a supervisor.
Failure to radio necessary information to the Wtch Cmdr about the reason for the pursuit will cause what?
Termination of the pursuit.
Normally the active pursuit shall consist of how many Units?
Three units, the primary unit and two back-up units.
Who is in overall command of the pursuit operation?
The Watch Commander of the Station initiating the Pursuit.
If you are not in your own station area and are involved in a pursuit, who is in charge of the Operation
The SCC Watch Sergeant will notify the Watch CMDR of the nearest Station who will assume command.
If the Watch Cmdr does not get sufficient information regarding the pursuit what shall he do?
In the absence of immediate information from the field, he shall order termination of hte pursuit.
When an areo unit joins the pursuit and notifies SCC what happens?
The areo unit will take over radio broadcast of the pursuit, the primary and secondary units will cont.
Following the pursuit, who is responsibile to cause the units to debrief the incident?
The Watch Commander. He will also complete the Dept. Pursuit Eval. form immediately to the unit cmdr.
What is Surveillance Mode?
When the pursuit becomes to dangerous to cont. aero can cont. monitoring the vehicle and advise ground units.
Can an LASD unit get involved in another agencies pursuit?
When specidfically authorized by the station Watch Cmdr. or if there is a lone unit unable to request help.
When requesting "997" assistance, what happens?
The five units with the shortest ETA will respond, areo will be requested by SCC.
When a unit requests "997, 998, 999" who will handle the station response?
The station Watch Commander.
When death, injury or property damage is caused as a result of a Code 3 response, who is notified?
The watch Cmdr shall immediately notify the Station Commander and the duty commander.