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How do you greet a peer?
With a hand shake.
You do leave your area to speak to peers.
No. You wait until break time
Do you hug a peer?
No. Hugging is not an appropiate way a greeting a peer. Handshake is the appropiate.
Do you call your peers Mommie?
You call your peers by there name.
When you see a peer from a distance how should you greet them?
Waving of hand.
How much personal space should you allow between you and your peer?
An arms length from you and your peer.
How do you ask your peers for something?
Please excuse me can you help me.
Do you ask a peer to buy you a gift?
No. It is not polite to ask a peer for gifts.
Do you ask other peers for money?
No. You need to have your own money.
What type of voice tones do you use to speak to your peer?
Quite normal voice tones.