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How were the lands west of the 95th longitudinal meridean described?
They were described as a Great American Desert, wholly unfit for cultivation.
What was guarranteed under the Adams-Onis Treaty?
Spanish sovereignty over the regions of Texas was guarranteed(1819-2 years before Mexico gained its Independence)
Mexico did 'this' for American settlers in the area.
They granted them some of the best lands in Texas in order to try to make them loyal Mexican citizens.
An edict was passed in 1829 which Americans blatant disobeyed. What did this edict do?
It ended slavery in those territories.
By 1835, there were 'this many' Americans and slaves in Texas.
At a grand total of 30,000, 27,000 Americans and 3,000 slaves inhabited Texas, raising cattle and cotton(Extra: There were only 4,000 Mexicans in the southwestern towns of Goliad and San Antonio)
Stephen Austin led 'this party' and aimed to do 'this.'
He led the "Peace Party" which aimed to win self-government for the province within Mexico.
What was the opposite faction of the "Peace Party?"
The opposing faction was the "War Party" which demanded absolute independence.
General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became president and centralized power in 'this city.'
He centralized power in Mexico City in an attempt to enforce rule over Texas.
What day was Texas declared independent on?
It was declared independent on March 2, 1836 and adopted a constitution legalizing slavery.
Four days after Texas declared independence, Santa Anna did 'this.'
He attacked and wiped out the Alamo. He had 371 rebels executed(including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie) which then inspired a strong anti-Mexican sentiment(urged by an also strong anti-Catholic feeling).
What did Sam Houston do to stop the Mexican army?
He routed the army in the Battle of San Jacinto(east of Houston) on April 21, 1836. Mexico still refused to acknowledge the new republic but gave up attempts to recapture it.
How did Martin Van Buren treat Texas?
He failed to accept its request for annexation to keep the balance of slave and non-slave states.