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System of consciously coordinated activities of two or more people
interdisciplinary fielf dedicated to better understanding and managing people at work
organizational behavior
mcgregor's modern and positive assumption about employees being responsible and creative
theory y
an organizational culture dedicated to training, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction
total quality management
running the entire business via the internet
e business
the productive potential of one's knowledge and action
human capital
the productive potential of strong, trusting, and cooperative relationships
social capital
the study and improvement of employee's positive attributes and capabilities
positive organizational behavior
Process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives efficiently and effectively
using management tools and techniques in a situationally appropriate manner; avoiding the one-best-way mentality
contigency mentality
a story defining key terms, providing conceptual framework, and explaining why someting occurs
pools the results of many studies through statistical procedure
examination of variables in real-life settings
field study
manipulation and measurement of variables in contrived situations
laboratory study
questionnaire responses from a sample of people
sample survey
in-depth study of a single person, group, or organization
case study