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Where do the pronouns go
after verb for afirmative
before verb for negative
Tu afirmative
Third Person Singular
Habla, Come
Irregulars for Tu Afirmative
Decir=Di, Hacer=Haz, Ir=Ve, Poner=Pon, Salir=Sal, Ser=SeTener=Ten, Venir=Ven
Tu negative
First person, replace "o" with opposite third person ending (ar:e, er/ir:a)
Irregulars for Tu negative
Decir=Digas, Hacer=Hagas, Ir=Vayas, Poner=Pongas, Salir=Salgas, Ser=Seas, Tener=Tengas, Venir=Vengas
Vosotros afirmative
Replace -r of infinitive with -d
Irregulars for vosotros afirmative
Vosotros negative
opposite regular vos. ending
hable'is, coma'is
Irregular vosotros negative
Decir=Diga'is, Hacer=Haga'is, Ir=Vaya'is, Poner=Ponga'is, Salir=Salga'is, Ser=Sea'is, Tener=Tenga'is, Venir=Venga'is
Ud. afirmative
yo of present tense, -o changed to opposite third person ending
Ud. afirmative irregulars
shoe verbs change and follow the -o to -a,-e change
Spelling change verbs (car, gar, zar, ger, gir, guir) change
Ud. negative
All rules of afirmative apply to negative you just add "no' in front of the verb
Uds. afirmative
All rules of Ud. apply to Uds., you just ad an -an/-en instead of -a/-e
Uds. negative
All rules of Uds. afirmative and Ud. negative apply
Nosotros afimative and negative
yo form present replace -o with opposite nosotros form
Negative you just put "no" in front of the verb