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Name of the portion of the OS that relates to the user and to applications?
Shell--provide command, menu, or icon interface to the user using interface tools (ex: explorer, contorl panel, my computer)
basic OS functions such as managing memory, file I/O and loading and executing programs
Two important parts of the Shell?
1. User component-manages input from keyboard/ other devices, output from the user interface and the GDI
2. GDI-Graphics Device Interface
16 bit OS- Used only 16 bit drivers and managed base, upper, and extended memory
32 bit OS, virtual machine, memory paging, 32 bit drivers
WIN NT/ 2000/ XP
WIN 9x- config data is stored in..
WIN 9x registry--also contain initialization info for apps, databse of hardware and software settings, WIN config..
Application Programming Interface (API) call
Applications call on the OS to access hardware or other software
Virtual Machine (VM)
When apps first loaded by WIN 9x this is the method to access hardware and software (think of VM as multiple logical machines w/in one physical machine)
Clean install
ignores any settings in the currently installed OS, must reinstall all hardware and apps
Do you need to format your HDD before you begin install?
No, only if suspect a virus is present.-If suspect a boot sector virus use the Fdisk/MBR command to rewrite the MBS then do clean install
Upgrade Install
Carries forward info about what the current OS knows
1.installed hardware/ software
2. user preferences
3. and other settings
Steps for a clean install
1.back up important data to another medium
2.verify boot sequence
Setup options for install
1. typical
2. portable
Typical setup option
install all components that are usually installed w/ WIN 9x
Portable setup option
Use this option when installing WIN 9x on a notebook computer
Compact setup option
if short on HD space, must install any components needed after install of OS
Custom setup option
if you need components not normally installed under the typcal install.
The primary log file is _______
Setuplog.txt-during install setup records info in log file, when recovering from a crash to determine how far it got in the installation
the ______ file shows what hardware has been detected
A ____ ______ is written to interface with a specific device and OS
Device Driver
If new hardware wizard not launch automatically, what do you do?
Control Panel and click the add new hardware--the wizard will launch
Can you edit msdos.sys?
Yes, affects how the OS boots, can customize the boot process by editing some entries in this file
How do you uninstall a device?
Start/ settings/ control panel/ system/ device manager--click remove then restart PC
Plug and Play criteria
1 system BIOS must be PnP
2 All hardware devices and expansion cards must be PnP compliant
3 the OS must be Win 9x or another OS that support PnP
4 32 bit device driver must be available
If the driver is 32 bit it is loaded from the ______.
Registry (System.ini)
If the driver is 16 bit it is loaded from ________ or ________.
Autoexec.bat or Config.sys
type of Autoexec.bat file. Executes when you selfect restart computer in MS-DOS mode from shutdown mode/ when you run a program in MS-DOS mode--can be used to load real mode device drivers
16 bit driver used to manage disk caching.
Keystroke shortcuts while loading WIN
f4- load previous version of DOS
F5-Start in safe mode
F8/ Ctrl- Display startup menu
Shift +F8-Step by step confirmation
Files used to control the startup process...
Io.sys/ Msdos.sys/ is required by DOS
Autoexec.bat and Config.sys text files that contain settings for drivers. Supported by WIN 9x for backwards compatability
Initialization files
DOS uses text files to hold info about what is loaded, WIN 3.x also uses text files to hold custom settings
WIN 9x setting stored in
Registry not text files
WIN text editor designed to edit the initialization files.
Type sysedit in Run dialog box what files appear for editing?
hardware settings and multitasking option for WIN
information about Program Manager Groups
information about user settings, including printer, fonts, file associations, and settings made by applications
information about the user's desktop, including color selections, wallpaper, and screen saver options
settings for the mouse
info about the configuration of the network
5 phase startup in WIN 9x
1 BIOS/ Bootstrap
2.DOS drivers & TSR's
3.Real mode / VxDs loaded
4.Protected mode switch over and PnP config
5.Loading remaining components
WIN 9x Phase 1 startup
BIOS/ Bootstrap includes:
PnP BIOS Config
WIN 9x Phase 2 startup
DOS drivers & TSR's includes
Io.sys--Msdos.sys and Config.sys contents are, Autoexec.bat, & Winstart.bat are loaded loads real mode core components
Win 9x Phase 3 startup
Real mode/ VxDs loaded includes
Vmm32.vxd creates virtual machines--Loads static VXDs named in registry and System.ini
Win 9x phase 4 startup
Shift to protected mode/ PnP config
Load PnP config manager--PnP loads dynamic device drivers (VxDs)
Win 9x phase 5 startup
Load remaining components includes
Kernal/ GDI/ User/ Fonts/ Win.ini is checked/ Shell and desktop are built--Startup directory is processed
VxD Virtual device driver
works w/ virtual machine to provide access to hardware for software running in the VM
Static VxDs
.vxd extension under Win 9x if stored in individual files they are loaded into memory, and remain there.
Configuration Manager
configure legacy and PnP devices--uses any info that PnP BIOS might have left for it and loads the 32 bit VxDs for the PnP devices
Automatically skips drivers that prevent WIN from loading
Automatic skip driver agent: Asd.exe
Located \Windows
Display system information, installed hardware and device drivers
Microsoft System Information WIN 95 & WIN 98/ME
\Program Files\ Common files\Microsoft shared\Msinfo
Display system information but in text form
Hardware Diagnostic tool (Hwinfo.exe)
Backs up, verifies, and recovers the registry
Registry checker WIN 98/ME
Download service packs for Wind from the microsoft website
Windows Update Win 95/98/ME
Can be used to monitor and tweak system performance
System options in control panel
Temp modify the system config to help w/ troubleshooting
System Config utility WIN 98/ME
Verify system files. Scans for changed, deleted, or corrupted system files and resores them from the originals on the WIN CD
System File Checker WIN 98
Track the performace of some important system components
System Monitor WIN 98
Back up files and folders to prevent loss when your HD fails
Microsof Backup WIN 95/98/ME
\Program Files\Accessories\Backup
Full system backup to reinstall WIN and restore the system to its stae as of the last backup
System Recovery WIN 98/Me
traps errors in log files created by apps and takes a snapshot of the system to use for troubleshooting
Dr. Watson WIN 98/ME
Schedules tasks such as MS backup to run at a predetermined time
Scheduled Task Wizard WIN 95/98/ME
Replace an older WIN file with a newer file that was saved when WIN or an application was installed
Version Conflict manager WIn 98/ME
Text editor to edit files that configure how win loads
Sstem Configuration Editor WIN 95/98/ME
Run, switch, and end application s, and access the shutdown menu
Task Manager
Checks system drivers for digital signatures given to them by microsoft
Digital signature check WIN 98/ME
Contains the WIN 9x safe driver List. determine if WIN 9x can safely substitute a protected mode driver for a real mode one
The ________ is a database of configuration information and settings for users, hardware, applications, and the OS
The Registry--WIN 9x takes over the essential function of .ini files.
What two files are required to access a CDROM drive while in real mode
1 Mscdex.exe
2 device driver