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the adaption of a new idea or behavior by an organization
organizational change
monitor global competition, customers, etc.
environmental forces
implementing change
resistance to change, force field analysis, implimenting tactics
4 events that initiate change sequence
1. internal and external fource, 2. forces translate into need for change, 3. after change has been realized it must be initiated, 4. then the change is implemented
the process of learing about curretn developments inside or outside the organizations that can be used to meet the percieved need for change
the generation of novel ideas that might meet perceived needs or offer opportunites for the organization
characteristics of the creative individual
conceptual fluency (open mindedness), originality, less authority, playfil (curisoity), persistance
reistance to change
self interest, lack of understandng, uncertainity
activities undertaken to attract, develop, and maintain an effective workforce within an organization
human resource management
the relationship between an applicant's score on a selection device and his or her future job performance
the process of determining the skills abilites and other attributes a person needs to perform a particular job
the activities or practices that define the desired characteristrics of applications for specific jobs
the porcess of observing and evaluating an employees performance, recording the assessment and porviding feedback to the employee
performance appraisal
hiring people with different human qualities or who belong to various cultural groups
workforce diversity
different attitudes towards diversity
ethnocentrism, monoculture, ethnorelativism, pluralism