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This type of Variability states that customers do not want service at a predictable pattern
Arrival Variability
This type of Variability states that the sustomers' desires are not standard
Request Variability
This type of Variability states that customers' own abilities to contribute to the service pocess varies
capability variability
this type of variability is how much energy the costomer will expend to facilitate the service encounter
Effort Variability
This type of variability states that customers vary in their own opinion as to what it means to be treated well
Subjective variability
This is the interaction between the service organization, the service provider, and the customer
Service Encounter
T/F a professionals efforts should be directed toward explaining HOW something should be done and not WHY should it be done

Should ask WHY
____________ is defined by the gap between the expectation for the service and the perception of how it is delivered
Quality of Service
Any level of service in the gap between ideal and adequate service is the ___________________
Zone of Tolerance
____________ is characterized by the ability to look at all the obvious factors related to the business with the right perspective while not being biased
Strategic Thinking
___________ is the process of dealing with and correcting errors and service failures
Service recovery
Emotional costs are ameliorated through an ______
Psychological costts through ___________ that the system will be fixed
Patient costs in time, Money, and inconvenianca through ______________________
financial statements
Interruptions and phone calls are located in what section of the quadrent?

Urgent, Not important
where are the basic needs of all humans located in the quadrent?

Important Not Urgent

ex. Relationship building, Empowerment
What are the 3 D's in Task sorting?
Do it (if takes <5 min do it now)

Delegate it as much as possible

Discard it (say no, scratchi it off your list)
Of the 5 standards for evaluating service, which is most highly valued by consumers?