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principles governing communication, decision making, and motivation
foundation of leading
Traits commonly associated with effective leadership
adaptability, cooperation, dependability
The active ingredient to “igniting” leadership
Power that comes to people because of the kind of personality they have
Referent Power
Leadership styles
Autocratic, participative, free reign
Associated with Referent leadership
autocratic power
Giving employees the chance to approve of their bosses
forces a company to live up to its commitment to participative management
the organizational principle that directly impacts and is related to free reign leadership
Delegation of authority
starbucks, appliance salesman, participative management
First company to offer health insurance to part time employees
Upon change of conditions
a good manager will switch to another, more appropriate style.
Hershey and Richard’s life cycle theory of leadership
mature and experienced subordinates are suited to free reign work
contingency, path-goal, and life cycle
situational theories of leadership
Feildler’s model of management
suggests a manager should choose a task or employee focus according to the interaction of situational variables is the contingency theory
closely linked managing functions
leading and controlling