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Management Committments
Stock Holders (Owners)
Stockholder communication
Annual Meetings
Channel of command
first in line, then on up the line
Control over conference
Lower voice, pause 30 seconds
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Improving performance at every level and in all areas of responsibility through employee participation
Robert Costello
TQM in USA former GM exec
Phillip Crosby
Quality philosophy is centered around Do It Right the First Time (DIRFT)
W.E. Deming
The highly recognized advocate of TQM who believed improving quality caused a chain reaction of benefits
Joseph Juran
Cautions that moving toward improvement means change
JJ's list of change resistance minimizing rules
1 Provide participation
2 Provide enough time
3 Treat people with dignity
Mission Statement
A clear, concise, written, 3-4 pg declaration of an organization's central and common purpose
Keeps employees aware of change, used to measure company's progress
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
The use of tools to determine if a process in control (predictable) or out control (undpredictable)
Statistical Quality Control (SQC)
Associated with (SPC)
Permanent Team
A group of employees who are in charge of an ongoing process
Greatest influence on the quality of a product or service and its productivity
Basis of positive partnerships
Openness and trust
Manager's primary concerns when analyzing internal influence
Non human resources and how they are processed
World's most profitable automobile manufacturer
Two systems Toyota's plant manager studied
Ford and US Supermarket
Toyota Production System (TPS)
Ohno's combination of jidoka (continuous flow of assembly) and the pull system