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Whenever management decides to change its business strategy, it must also examine its organizational structure. True or False
The choice of a prospector strategy for a business would be most appropriate when:
The company operates in an uncertain business environment
Bureaucratic organizational structures are marked by:
Narrow job descriptions and many levels of management.
Which of the following would be the best environment in which to implement a flat organizational structure?
A rapidly changing environment
Which of the following is characteristic of a boundaryless organization?
Emphasis on teams whose members may cross organizational boundaries
Your boss asks you to look at the input, processing, and output of a work process, and evaluate its effectiveness. She has asked you to conduct a:
Work flow analysis
Penn Corporation, during the course of its business process engineering, is examining how the work performed is adding value to the functioning of the business. What is the likely reason for this?
To identify jobs that can be eliminated or combined
According to your textbook there is no real difference between a workgroup and a team. True or False
Job enlargement rotates workers between different, narrowly defined tasks without disrupting the workflow, increasing each worker’s responsibilities and experience. True or False
When a company uses self-managed work teams, the teams may
assume many managerial duties
Which of the following is a motivator, according to Herzberg’s 2-factor theory of motivation?
Receiving recognition
Your organization has recently implemented a program to improve employee motivation using goal setting theory. Which of the following would you do that is consistent with the theory?
Set goals that are specific and difficult, but attainable.
Information gathered during a job analysis can be used for recruiting and selecting applicants as well as for training and developing employee careers. True or False
A manager who is conducting a job analysis looks at the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a given job. True or False
Which of the following is one of the three psychological states central to job characteristics theory?
Experienced meaningfulness of the job
Job analysis is often used for legal reasons, as well as for recruitment and selection purposes. True or False
There is always one best job analysis tool that can be chosen for a particular job. True or False
The _____ part of a job analysis lists the worker characteristics (KSAs) needed to perform the job successfully.
Job Specifications
Temporary employees provide employers with which of the following benefits?
They generally are less expensive that core workers
They may be highly motivated
One significant value that an effective HR department offers to a company is the department’s ability to undo the damage done by managers making poor or illegal decisions. True or False
The landmark civil rights case that placed the burden of proof on employers in employment discrimination cases was Griggs v. Duke Power. True or False
Understanding the legal landscape and HR law in business is very important. Managers need to be able to:
Have a working knowledge of the laws and know how to comply with them
The Equal Pay Act of 1963:
Permits pay differences for quality and quantity of production
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act applies to labor unions, employment agencies and employers who have at least _____ employees.
An employer can defend an employment practice that might otherwise be discriminatory:
If the firm employer can demonstrate the job-relatedness of the criteria governing the job
During the conversation about a promotion with his boss, Adam is told that if he will meet her at the Easy Rest Motel and spend the night with her, he will get the promotion. This is an example of:
“Quid pro quo” sexual harassment
The Civil Rights Act of 1991 had several important effects on Title VII, such as:
Permitting plaintiffs to collect damages as well as back pay
Reasonable accommodations provided for disabled persons may include modifying work schedules or reassigning job duties. True or False
An important strategy for eliminating or minimizing EEO complaints and suits is to simply be honest in employment. That is, giving feedback about poor job performance rather than giving good job reviews and then firing someone. True or False
The four-fifths rule claims that an employee practice has an adverse impact if the hiring rate of a protected class is greater than four-fifths than that of a majority group. True or False
According to the textbook, what types of businesses are required to have an affirmative action plan?
Businesses that do a significant amount of work for the government and federal agencies.
In cases involving reverse discrimination, the Supreme Court generally has supported the affirmative action side of the issue (i.e., not found in favor of the plaintiff). True or False
One of the best ways to avoid EEO problems is to provide managers and executives training on EEO and other labor issues. True or False
With regards to employer defenses against sexual harassment judgments, the courts want to know:
If the firm took care to prevent and correct sexual harassment problems in a timely fashion
Did the alleged victim use the internal procedures for reporting sexual harassment