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Management Process
Planning/decision making (set goals), organizing (how best to group activities), control/monitor (corrective action), Leading (motivation).
Inputs from Enviroment
Human, financial, physical and info resources (HFPI)
operate so nothing is wasted
do right things in the right ways at right times
Fundamental mgt skills
technical, interpersonal, conceptual, diagnostic, communication, decision making, time mgt
key roles - munsterberg
1.interpersonal=leader monitor, spokesperson
3.decision= entrepreneur, negotiator
enhance efficiency, facilitate planning, organizing, and controling
motivation, understanding ind beh, group leadership
technique-how to improve decision making, resource allocation and operations.
process- tech, operating systems, control systems
enviro- product/services, profits/losses, emp beh's, and info outputs
Systems Perspective of Org's
1. Inputs
2. Transformation
3. Outputs
Contingency Perspective
Univeral=classical, beh & quan theories, find "one best way" to mge org's

Contingency persp= each org is unique, best mgt beh based on current sit
Internal enviro of org
owner, emp, physical enviro, board of directors, culture
5 forces analysis (porter)
performance of org's is affected by:
power of buyers, level of rivalry, power of suppliers, threat of new entrants, threat of substitute product
ethics determinants
family, situations, values, experiences, peers
degrees of social responsibility
1 (highest)= proactive-try to solve probs
2 accomodative- watch laws, give $ (most
3-defensive- dont fight law but creatively make bad acts okay
4- obstructionalist
why we take on social responsibility (helping planet)
legally have to
ethically do it
provide the org with leadership & cult
philantoropic giving
manage the process of globalization by:
-exporting- sent out
-import- buy in
-licensing- get royalties, control issues
-strategic alliances (agreeemnt) and joint ventures(creates another comp)-partnerships
-foreign direct investment- cimpany relocates to another country-ultimate!!
international mgt challanges
-political/legal enviro(controls on trade diff)
-economic enviro(diff currency)
-cultural enviro(diff values)
control intnl trade by:
export restraint agreements=restriction to trade w/ particualr country (ex:cuba)
Economic communities
counties that have high level of trade b