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What are managers?
Individuals in an organization who direct the activities of others.
What is management?
Process of getting activities completed
efficiently and effectively with and through people
What is efficiency?
The relationship between inputs and outputs, seeks to minimize resource costs
What is effectiveness?
Goal attainment.
What are management functions?
Planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
What are management roles?
Specific catagories of management behavior.
What are three management skills
What is organizational culture
A system of shared meaning within an organization that determines how employees act
Outside forces that affect an organization's performance
A selfish narrow view of the world
What is social obligation
Obligation of a business to meet its economic and legal responsibilities
What is social responsiveness
Capacity of a firm to adapt to changing social conditions
What is value based management
Approach to managing in which managers establish , promote and practice an organizations shared values
What is organizing
Process of creating an organizational structure
What is organizational structure
Organizations framework as expressed by its degree of complexity
What is span of control
# of subordinates a manager can effectively control
What is change
Alteration in people, structure or technology