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SOwn style of mangement
working eperience
personal philosophies
def. Management
The coordination of an organization's resources in order to achiee a predetermined mission and associated goals and objectives. Good picture
Managment process consitso f:
Leading/and working with people
Planing for and providng resouces,
organizing and controlling those resources toward desired outcomes
def controller
someon in a managing, supervision position
def Controlling
someone whose job it is to oversee
art side
the management is the ability to be thoroughly profficent in one's performance by utilizing all of one's abilities and intuitive faculties to accompoish the task. Ther is no set formula to follow and both process and the fiinal outcome can be as varied as there are managers.
sicence sid
managemetn is classified as a social siience, not an exact science. Education , study and reading can help one learn the basic principles functikons, roles, concpets, and theories that can help the new manaagers.
manager job is changing
info technology, wrokplace diersity, restructuring, less money. less public suport, globalization, legal issues, mergers