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What two orders make up 62% of the worlds mammals?
Order Rodentia & Order Chiroptera
Which Order catches all of the taxa that retain primitive characteristics?
Order Insectivora
What percentage of mammals is the large mammals?
How many new species were discovered in the past 12 years?
What are the major 8 characteristics of mammals?
1. Mammary glands (uniq to mamm)
2. Sweat (sudiferous) glands
3. Sebaceous glands
4. Musk glands
5. Hair
6. Four chambered heart
7. Anucleate Erythrocytes
8. Muscular diaphram
What are the function of sweat glands?
1. Evaporative cooling
2. Elimination of waste
What do sebaceous glands do?
Secrete oil, water proofing, associated w/hair follicle
What are musk glands for?
Scent glands that function for protection or mark territory
What are the four componants of a piece of hair (not cellular level)
1. Follicle: cavity in wc hair is found in dermis
2. Root: portion of living hair
3. Shaft: portion of dead cells
4. Arrector Pilli
Describe the 3 parts of a piece of hair on the cellular level
1. Cuticle: scale-like pattern
2. Cortex: middle layer tt contains pigment
3. Medulla: central core of cells, often with air spaces
What are the two main functions of hair?
Protection and Insulation
What are the two types of insulating hairs?
1. Underfur: dense short fur
2. Guard hairs: long hairs tt form over hair
What are the two types of protective coloration of hair?
1. Pelage: coat of hair
2. Molts: change of pelage due to either age and/or seasonal
Do mammals have an open or closed circulatory system?
Which two types of circulation are completely separated in mammals?
Pulmonary and systemic circulation
Our digestice system track is _____________
Where are bacteria cultivated in hind gut fermenters? Give an example.
lg Caecum; Horses
Where are bacteria cultivated in front gut fermenters? Give an example.
Stomach; cows
Describe the different patterns of testes "location" in mammals
1. Testes descend wn male reaches sexual maturity-most mammals
2. Testes descend but are w/drawn into body cavity b/w breeding season
3. Testes do not descend but remain abdominal
Describe two of the mammalian characteristics of the brain
1. great increase in size of cerebral hemispheres
2. Development of the neopallium
What ear characteristics are unique to mammals?
1. Pinnae
2. 3 ear ossicles
3. Cochlea coiled in most forms (may not be unique)
What are whiskers called?
What the sensory pad on base of Vibrissae called?
Mystacial pad
What are some differences b/w reptiles and mammals
1. More completely ossified
2. Simplification of skeletal elements and reduction of numbers
3. Reptiles growth is continuous
What are the 5 regions of the vertebral column?
1. Cervical
2. Thorasic
3. Lumbar
4. Sacrum
5. Caudal
How many ribs are in each region of the vertebral column?
1. Cervical= no ribs!
2. Thorasic= 12 to 13
3. Lumbar= 5 to 7
4. Sacrum= ?
5. Caudal=(tail area) number varies