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I Sahel
semi-arid desert, “shore of the desert”
I Takshif
desert scout
I Griot/jula/bard
keepers of the history of mali through the form of oral stories, served many purposes, advisor, translator, etc.
I Farin fahki
I Farin fahki
I Madrasa
muslim school
I Jihad
holy war
I Almoravids
group from north America interested in people converting to muslim, people wouldn’t so they attaked
I Kafu-
one community/ one big brotherhood
I Ghana
300 A.D.-1200 A.D. (means king)
I Mali
1235 A.D.-1350 A.D. means where the king resides
"means land of the black people"
I Sundiata Keita
founder of Mali, changed to Muslim first, wanted to untie everyone wanted his kingdom to become self sufficient so he started an agricultural revolution
I Mansa Musa
king before him went out to sea and never came back so he became king, went on pilgrimage for a year gave out lots of gold, came back with Muslim architects built up Timbuktu
I Islam-
is the muslim religion
I Caravan-
group of camels and people who travel together
I jizya
head tax placed on non-Muslims
religous pilgrimage
I cowrite (shells)-
used as a form of money and the fortune tellers used them
I zakat-
the expnation of desert conditions
I Leo Afrakanis-
lived with family in southern Spain than moved to morocco traveled with diplomatic uncle got caught by christain pirates was a slave LEO THE 10TH was so impressed by him so he freed him. Had Leo write down the African History was used for many many many years