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No sharps of flats
C major
One sharp
G major
One flat
F major
Two sharps
D major
Two flats
B flat major
Three sharps
A major
Three flats
E flat major
Four sharps
E major
Four flats
A flat major
Five sharps
B major
Five flats
D flat major
Six sharps
F sharp major
Six flats
G flat major
Seven sharps
C sharp major
Seven flats
C flat major
Order of sharps
Order of flats
Sharps in key signature
One up in the musical alphabet from the last sharp sign
Flats in the key signature
Second to last flat sign
Raise pitch 1/2 step
Lower pitch 1/2 step
Enharmonic notes
Same pitch, written differently
Chromatic scale
Scale in which all notes (sharps, flats, naturals) are played