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Fort Sumter
Lincoln sent a relief ship to the fort. The ship had no guns to try to prevent the south from starting a war. He said that the navy wouldn't land forces unless the delivery of food and medicine was disrupted. Beauregard advanced upon the fort and ordered it to surrender. Anderson refused and the Conferates opened fire on the fort which surrendered in 36 hours. There were large damages to the fort, but no one died.
Battle of Bull Run
July 21, 1861
Beauregard (Confederate) vs. McDowell(Union)
Stonewall Jackson gets his nickname. Civilian spectators showed up to watch the fight. Confederates gave the "rebel yell" frightening many union soldiers. The union fled all the way back to Washington.
Shenandoah Valley
April 1862
McClellan (Union) vs. Jackson (confederate)
Union transported troops by boat down the Potomanc and landed in Yorktown. Fought their way to Richmond, but Lee sent Jackson to the Shenandoah Valley to threaten Banks (union). McClellan sent 30,000 troops which were defeated. McClellan's confrontation with Lee oustide Richmond lasted 7 days before McClellan stopped to wait for reinforcements despite the fact that the Confederates were weaker and suffered more casualties.
Septemeber 1862
McClellan vs. Lee
McClellan failed to use a copy of Jackson's orders to take Harper's Ferry. Attacked Lee when he had gained a strong defensive position behind Antietam Creek. Lee was outnumbered 87,000 to 50,000. Lee retreated and McClellan stayed behind to bury dead instead of pursuing Lee. It is the bloodiest single day in US history.
Capture of New Orleans
Farragut moved up the Mississippi delta to capture New Orleans. The Union now had the South's financial center.
April 1862
Beauregard + Johnston vs. Grant
Grant was caught by surprise, but threw troops into battle causing extensive casualties and a Confederate withdrawal.
July 1863
Grant's siege on the city of Vicksburg. Lasted six weeks. The Mississippi River was now controled by the Union.
June 1863
Lee vs. Meade
Lee wanted to take Washington from the north. The union had 90,000 while the confederates had 75,000. Lee attacked the flanks (Little Round Top) and sent Pickett to take Cemetery Ridge, but Pickett's divisions were killed in a mile of open terrain. Lee suffered 28,000 casualties. Meade also let Lee escape to the south instead of pursuing him.
1864, Grant
The armies faced each other in trenches and created a stalemate. Grant gained control of Petersburg in April 1865 and cut off the railroad junction and it's ability to supply Richmond.
Sherman created total war while moving from a victory at Chattanooga (railroad center) through Georgia to Atlanta. September 2,1864 Sherman captured Atlanta and burned the city. He then proceded to the sea (Savannah) to completely devaste Georgia. In February 1865, Sherman moved up and attacked South Carolina capturing the capital on February 17. The he moved up to North Carolina to meet with Grant.
Appomattox Court House
Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865. Grant had forced Lee into a showdown and cut off his escape forcing him to surrender.