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legal definition of blindness
best corrected of 20/200 or less than 20deg in best eye
name the dz: bilateral drusen and RPE hyper/hypo pigmentation
dry macular degeneration
Clinical course of dry macular degeneration?
slowly progressive, peripheral vision remains intact
Tx for Dry macular degen?
Zn and lutein slows progression
Name the dz: sudden visual loss with distortion, hemorrage, edema, exudates, drusen, RPE changes
wet macular degeneration
Tx for wet macular degeneration?
lasers, VEGF inhibition
Glaucoma definition:
iop that is high enough to damage the optic nerve and cause visual loss
What does an increased cup/disc ratio mean?
Name the dz: hazy cornea, red eye, fixed mid dilated pupil
closed angle glaucoma
Indication for cataract surgery?
when vision loss impacts daily life
Tx for closed angle glaucoma?
laser iridotomy in BOTH eyes