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DD FORM 1348-1A
(Turn-in, Requisition, and Receipt Document) The DD Form 1348-1A is an issue/receipt release document (IRRD)
DD FORM 1149
Requisition and Receipt Document: A DD 1149 will be prepared for procurement of only that material excluded from MILSTRIP requisitioning and material for which another procurement document is not specified
Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms). This publication contains all "I" and "0" cognizance material and is published by the Naval Publications and Forms Center
DD FORM 1348-6.
Used for requisitioning NON-NSN items, NSN items and part number items
Master cross reference listing of all parts.
Indiviual Componet repair listing, identifys what AIMD can repair.
consoldated remain in place listing, identifys parts that do not require an instant turn in.
Aircraft inventory reporting system
MESM, Identifys mission impacting componets.
AEMS, aircraft engine manangment system.
define maintenance management
The process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling organic industrial resources required for physically performing equipment maintenance
define maintenance
The function of retaining material in, or restoring it to, a serviceable condition. Its phases
include servicing, repair, modification, modernization, overhaul, rebuild, test, reclamation, inspection,
condition determination, and the initial provisioning of support items
1 hydraulic cont as it applies to maintenance control
1) Ensure hydraulic samples are obtained and analyzed during acceptance of assigned aircraft and SE.
2 hydraulic cont as it applies to maintenance control
Ensure the Hydraulic Contamination Control Trend Analysis Chart (Figure 6-4) is included in the aircraft logbook Miscellaneous/History (OPNAV 4790/25A) and SE Custody and Maintenance History Record (OPNAV 4790/51) upon transfer of aircraft and SE (if applicable).
1 ABO as it applies to maintenance control
(1) Ensure aircraft/SE oxygen systems are purged per MIMs/MRCs, or other pertinent directives, at prescribed intervals
2 ABO as it applies to maintenance control
Schedule PM on all oxygen servicing SE to ensure quality standards are maintained
3 ABO as it applies to maintenance control
Take prompt action when contamination or odors in oxygen systems are reported.
tire and wheel as it applies to maintenance control
Assist the Program Manager coordinating training for personnel handling and transporting tire/wheel assemblies.
(2) Ensure personnel handling and transporting tire/wheel assemblies are trained per paragraph 7.3 c(2).
1 fuel surveilance as it applies to maintenance control
Notify QA and issue a downing discrepancy against the aircraft or test cell until the fuel system is determined to be free of contamination
2 fuel surveilance as it applies to maintenance control
When embarked, ensure fuel samples are drawn and analyzed for flash point and the precautions of NAVAIR 00-80T-109 are followed whenever an aircraft or test cell receives, or is suspected of receiving, any fuel other than JP-5.
3 fuel surveilance as it applies to maintenance control
Debrief aircrew returning from cross-country flights to verify specific fuels used
4 fuel surveilance as it applies to maintenance control
Ensure adherence to limitations regarding interchangeability of various grades and types of fuel. Approved (primary and alternate) and emergency fuels are listed in applicable NATOPS or flight handbooks
5 fuel surveilance as it applies to maintenance control
Ensure a QAR inspects fuel cells/tanks for FOD and contaminants immediately prior to closing (after maintenance has been performed).
6 fuel surveilance as it applies to maintenance control
Ensure fuel systems of preserved aircraft and test cells are monitored per T/M/S MIMs/MRCs or NAVAIR 15-01-500.
oil consumption as it applies to maintenance control
Oil consumption rates are calculated and documented for engines/gearboxes prior to releasing
aircraft safe for flight
oil consumption as it applies to maintenance control
An Engine/Gearbox Oil Consumption Record (Figure 9-1) is retained in the ADB until completed.Completed forms shall be placed with the applicable AESR
corrosion control as it applies to maintenance control
Ensure corrosion control inspections are performed per applicable directives. Any aircraft with
AWM corrosion discrepancies, that are within maintenance capability, shall be restricted from flight if the
discrepancies are not corrected following completion of the next scheduled corrosion inspection
how long may the CO grant an extension to dwoning the aircaft for corrosion discrepanices?
the CO or Detachment OINC may
extend the period for an additional 14 days. Approval for additional extensions must be obtained from the
Wings with information copy to ACC/TYCOM.
corrosion control as it applies to maintenance control
Request P&E assistance for corrosion discrepancies beyond maintenance level capability.
corrosion control as it applies to maintenance control
Ensure aircraft paint schemes are maintained per MIL-STD-2161A(AS
corrosion control as it applies to maintenance control
Ensure aircraft, engines, components, and SE preservation procedures are accomplished per
applicable directives
LIST OF ALL repairable parts ordered.
DD 1348
electronic parts ordering form
DD 1348-1a
receipt form
DD 1348-6
Hard card form, allows you to order parts if the electronic system goes down or you are on the road.


an 1800 hour inspection is when an engine exceeds 1800 hours since last engine change, corrective action is to drain all oil, on next isis inspection.

how many hours do you have to perform propeller dynamic balance?
asap, but NLT then 25 flight hours, a 25 hour prop balancing waver may be granted by the CO if equipment is unavailable, or hinders mission readiness. a second 25 hour waiver may be obtianed through TYCOM, for transit flights to available test eq.
when must you perform a propeller dynamic balance?
new installation
front or rear cone seat replacement, blends beyond .5 square inches beyond the 54-inch station, non-symmetrical app of tip paint, spinner replacement, heater replacment, cuff repair, RGB mount, vibration, replacement of electrical contact ring.
1200 hour inspection is performed when?
after 1200 hours of flight, after the installation of a prop dome, inspection can go neg, untill the dome is removed.
200 hour inspection?
a 200 hour inspection is an engine B&B, after which you have to perfom 1050 checks.
what is the deviation allowed for a ISIS inspection
+/- 7 days
What is an X-Ray
The XRAY is a message report of prescribed form and content that is submitted whenever an aircraft inventory or operating status change occurs
The XRAY is used to report changes of
(a) Reporting Custody
(b) Model Designation
(c) Period Number
(d) Period End Date
(e) Extension Number
(f) Operational Service Months
(g) Location
(h) Estimated or change to estimated Completion Date
(i) Addition To/Strike From Inventory
(j) Status code
(k) OP Category/Fleet Assigned Code
(l) ASPA
Aircraft Inventory Reporting System
To provide the reporting custodian with a list of assets on hand and a ready reference of which aircraft require Subsystem Capability Impact Reporting (SCIR
Equipment Master Roster (E-00)
Is a serialized listing by reporting custodian of all A/C on hand which require SCIR and/or utilization reporting
Aircraft Engine Accounting
Aircraft Engine Management System (AEMS) is to provide timely aircraft engine management data to the Naval Air Systems Command Headquarters and Air Type Commanders, and other designated users
3M Requisition
A document based on the information on DD 1348 that is used locally by 3M organizations to request maintenance requirements from the local SSC in the most expeditious manner
The force/activity designator (fad)
is a roman numeral (I through V) assigned by the SECDEF, JCS, or a DOD component to indicate the mission essentiality of a Force/Activity to meet national objectives
FAD I is assigned by SECDEF, on a recommendation of JCS for those force/activities which are most important militarily. NOT NORMALLY assigned to VP squadrons
FAD II is assigned by Fleet Commanders to:
Forces being maintained in a state of combat readiness for immediate (with in 24 hours) employment or deployment (NORMALLY assigned to deployed VP squadrons)
FAD III is assigned by fleet commanders or any other command which, for budget purposes, is designated as a "major claimant" to:
All other U. S. combat ready and direct combat support forces outside conus not included in FAD II Normally assigned to VP squadron not deployed
Urgency of Need and Priority Designators
Through the combination of the assigned FAD and the appropriate Urgency of Need Designator (UND), a priority designator can be ascertained by the requisitioning activity
Urgency of need code A
A - Requirement is immediate (NMCS/PMCS)
Urgency of need code B
B - Requirement is immediate or it is known that such requirement will occur in the immediate future (work stoppage
Urgency of need code C
C - Routine Requirements
Table relating FAD and UND to priority designators: Shows how to ID PRI codes.
I 01 04 11
II 02 05 12
III 03 06 13
IV 07 09 14
V 08 10 15
756/706 deployed LANT/PAC)
757/707 deployed LANT/PAC
SCIR code B items
Unscheduled maintenance (consumables)
The supply support center (SSC) is responsible for effective supply support of assigned squadrons and AIMDs what are the time lines for priority
1) Priority 1-3 - 1 hour
2) Priority 4-8 - 2 hours
3) Priority 9-15 - 24 hours
The ICRL capability codes of interest to maintenance controllers are:
1) X1 - Repair not authorized
2) A1 - Test and check
3) C1 - Full repair capability
4) C3 - Partial or limited repair
Management Data List - Navy (ML-N
Contains the basic management data necessary for preparing requisitions. Includes an integrated historical record of deleted and superseded NIIN'S, with appropriate phrase codes to indicate disposition action
Master Cross Reference List (MCRL)
A consolidated publication used to assist in identifying items in the supply system which are used by all services. Therefore, many NSN'S will be identified in the MCRL which are not in the ML-N (CD ROM)
NAVSUP 2002-
Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms
NAVSUP 2002-
Contains a micro fiche list of publications, forms and NAVAIR technical directives used on a repetitive basis throughout the navy with information for requisitioning purposes
List of repairable assemblies of navy aviation materials (CD ROM)
This publication is of value to maintenance control coordinators in interpreting the various codes used on requests and supply requisition reports (i.e. NMCS/PMCS LISTINGS etc...)
P-3C Configuration Status Accounting Report "blue book"
Provides current configuration data on the P-3C weapon system resulting from changes to airframe, engines, propeller, avionics and software configuration
What are the weight limitations of a heavy weight aircraft for landings.
103,880 lb and up
to and including 114,000 lb
who has to approve of any CANN actions during ISIS?