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What battle resulted in a withdraw because both sides had great ships? (names of ships=battle)
Monitor v. Merrimac
What battle, commanded by Grant, was the bloodiest battle of all of the Civil War?
Battle at Shilou
What important person did the South lose at the Battle of Chancelorsville due to an accidental shooting?
"Stonewall" Jackson
What was considered the turning point in the war for the North?
How many times did Grant try to capture Vicksburg?
What is total war?
the idea of capturing and destroying everything useful to the opposing army, including houses, farms, weapons etc.
Where was the first shot of the Civil War?
Fort Sumter
What was the first official battle of the Civil War?
Bull Run
Who led the attack on Harper's Ferry?
John Brown
Which battle resulted in the Union getting a replacement for General McCellan?
Battle of Antietam