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KeynotesQ: Anxiety in the day, ameliorated evening in bed
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica (Carbon likes black of night) (Morrison: DG, pg. 233)
KeynotesQ: Anxiety better when active in the day, worse night in bed
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica (Morrison, DG p 235)
KeynotesQ: Aversion to quarrels, peacemaker
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica, Magnesia muriatica (#1)
KeynotesQ: Sour odors (Calc carb)
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica
KeynotesQ: Worse before or during menses
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica
KeynotesQ: Crave bread and butter, vegetables
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica
KeynotesQ: Averse vegetables (#1), fruit
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica
KeynotesQ: Menses flow during night only, stop during day
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica
KeynotesQ: Unrefreshed in morning on waking, lasts an hour or more
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica
KeynotesQ: Marasmus/failure to thrive, with white, potter's clay stool (putty-like)
KeynotesA: Magnesia carbonica (Kent p715)
FearsThenRemsQ: Aggression or violence
FearsThenRemsA: Magnesia carbonica
RemsThenFearsQ: Magnesia carbonica
RemsThenFearsA: Aggression or violence
DelusionsQ: Lumps in bed
DelusionsA: Mag Carb, Arnica
FoodCravingsQ: Magnesia carbonica
FoodAversionsQ: Magnesia carbonica
FoodAversionsA: VEGETABLES (#1), FRUIT
KeynotesQ: Anxiety better when active in the day, worse night in bed
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica (Morrison, DG p 235)
KeynotesQ: Anxiety night in bed, <lying, closing eyes
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
KeynotesQ: Worse lying
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
KeynotesQ: Worse in morning on waking (Alum, Graphites)
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
KeynotesQ: Greatly unrefreshed on waking, toxic feeling
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
KeynotesQ: Passivity
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
KeynotesQ: Worse touch, better hard pressure
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
KeynotesQ: Worse at sea (Nat mur)
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
KeynotesQ: Diarrhea or abdominal pain worse milk
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
KeynotesQ: Desires vegetables (#1), milk and light foods
KeynotesA: Magnesia muriatica
FearsThenRemsQ: Aggression, their own and that of others
FearsThenRemsA: Magnesia muriatica (Scholten, HaM, pg. 60)
RemsThenFearsQ: Magnesia muriatica
RemsThenFearsA: Aggression, their own and that of others (Scholten, HaM, pg. 60)
DelusionsQ: Growling like a bear
DelusionsA: Magnesia muriatica
DelusionsQ: Someone reading after her, which makes her read faster
DelusionsA: Magnesia muriatica
DelusionsQ: Rocks in air
DelusionsA: Magnesia muriatica
FoodCravingsQ: Magnesia muriatica
FoodCravingsA: VEGETABLES (#1), FRUIT, LIGHT FOODS, Salad, Sweets
FoodAversionsQ: Magnesia muriatica
FoodAversionsA: Vegetables, Fat
KeynotesQ: General amelioration from heat and pressure
KeynotesA: Magnesia phosphorica (Morrison: DG, pg. 237)
KeynotesQ: Neuralgic pain (homeopathic aspirin)
KeynotesA: Magnesia phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Facial neuralgia right sided better heat and pressure
KeynotesA: Magnesia phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Dysmenorrhea better warmth and pressure
KeynotesA: Magnesia phosphorica
KeynotesQ: Writer's cramp (#1)
KeynotesA: Magnesia phosphorica
FearsThenRemsQ: Phosphorus fears
FearsThenRemsA: Magnesia phosphorica
RemsThenFearsQ: Magnesia phosphorica
RemsThenFearsA: Phosphorus fears
DelusionsQ: Must die of tetanus with pain in right leg
DelusionsA: Magnesia phosphorica (2)
FoodCravingsQ: Magnesia phosphorica
FoodCravingsA: Spicy, Salt, Fish (3), Cold drinks (2) (SS FC) (Scholten, HaM, pg. 98)
FoodAversionsQ: Magnesia phosphorica
FoodAversionsA: Salt, Fish (Scholten, HaM, pg. 98)
KeyWordQ: Diabetic magnesia
KeyWordA: Magnesia sulphurica
KeynotesQ: Delayed mental development
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica (Morrison: DG, pg. 55)
KeynotesQ: Immaturity or atrophy of parts of the body: "dwarfish" (including mentally - Kent p 221)
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica (Morrison: DG, pg. 56)
KeynotesQ: Childish behavior, needs reassurance, easily influenced
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
KeynotesQ: Lack of self-confidence, sense of inferiority
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
KeynotesQ: Great passivity
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
KeynotesQ: Extreme shyness
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
KeynotesQ: Extreme difficulty in making any decision
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
KeynotesQ: Anxiety disorder
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
KeynotesQ: Nervous biting of the nails
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
KeynotesQ: Hard swelling of cervical glands
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
KeynotesQ: Atrophy or smallness of genitalia
KeynotesA: Baryta carbonica
FearsThenRemsQ: People, Being laughed at, Doing new things
FearsThenRemsA: Baryta carbonica
RemsThenFearsQ: Baryta carbonica
RemsThenFearsA: People, Being laughed at, Agoraphobia, Doing new things (P BAD)
DelusionsQ: Breasts are too big or too small
DelusionsA: Baryta carbonica
DelusionsQ: Every noise is a cry of fire & she trembles
DelusionsA: Baryta carbonica
DelusionsQ: Beloved friend is sick and dying
DelusionsA: Baryta carbonica
DelusionsQ: That he walks on knees
DelusionsA: Baryta carbonica, Baryta muriatica
DelusionsQ: Rising then falling
DelusionsA: Baryta carbonica, Lachesis
FoodCravingsQ: Baryta carbonica
FoodCravingsA: Eggs, sweets
FoodAversionsQ: Baryta carbonica
FoodAversionsA: Fruit (Mag carb, Ignatia)
ComplementsQ: Baryta carbonica
ComplementsA: Lycopodium
KeynotesQ: Aneurysm
KeynotesA: Baryta muriatica, Calc fluor (early stages) (Jose Mullen), Jacaranda
KeynotesQ: Chronic or acute inflammation of tonsils w/ great swelling
KeynotesA: Baryta muriatica
KeynotesQ: Enlarged tonsils, cervical glands, < right
KeynotesA: Baryta muriatica
KeynotesQ: Chronic or acute inflammation of tonsils w/ great swelling
KeynotesA: Baryta muriatica
KeyWordQ: Sexual Baryta carbonica
KeyWordA: Baryta muriatica
FoodCravingsQ: Baryta Muriaticum
FoodCravingsA: Sweet, Salt, Spices (SSS) (Scholten, HaM, pg. 114)
KeynotesQ: Post-surgical weakness, collapse, coldness
KeynotesA: Strontium (Morrison: DG, pg. 366), Strontium carbonicum (the surgeon's Carbo veg)
KeyWordQ: Surgeon's Carbo Veg
KeyWordA: Strontium Carbonicum
DelusionsQ: Objects are blood covered
DelusionsA: Strontium Carbonicum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Malaria: Magnesia's
Miasm&FamilyA: Magnesia muriatica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Ringworm: Magnesia's
Miasm&FamilyA: Magnesia sulphurica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Tubercular: Magnesia's
Miasm&FamilyA: Magnesia phosphorica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Typhoid: Baryta's
Miasm&FamilyA: Baryta acetica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Malaria: Baryta's
Miasm&FamilyA: Baryta muriatica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Sycosis: Baryta's
Miasm&FamilyA: Baryta bromata, Baryta carbonica (BB, BC)
Miasm&FamilyQ: Cancer: Baryta's
Miasm&FamilyA: Baryta arsenicosa
Miasm&FamilyQ: Tubercular: Baryta's
Miasm&FamilyA: Baryta phosphorica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Leprosy: Baryta's
Miasm&FamilyA: Baryta sulphurica
Miasm&FamilyQ: Syphilis: Baryta's
Miasm&FamilyA: Baryta iodata
ImportantRubricsQ: HA better hard pressure
ImportantRubricsA: Mag Phos, Puls, Glon, Lach, Bell (MPG LB)
ImportantRubricsQ: Better heat, better pressure
ImportantRubricsA: Mag Phos (>Press, >Heat is Colocynthis)
ImportantRubricsQ: Sciatica
ImportantRubricsA: MAG PHOS, COLOC, GNAPH
ImportantRubricsQ: Premature Senility
ImportantRubricsA: Baryta Carb, Ambra Grisea, Plumbum, Secale (BAPS)
ImportantRubricsQ: Dwindling of everything in their life
ImportantRubricsA: Baryta Carb, Sepia
ImportantRubricsQ: Aversion to fruit
ImportantRubricsA: Baryta carb, Ignatia, China, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Mag carb (BIC PPM)
ImportantRubricsQ: Least sensitive (Primitive)
ImportantRubricsA: Baryta Carb, Alum, Graph, Hyoscyamus, Bufo, Fluoric Acid, Tarentula, Helleborus (BAG HBFTH)
ImportantRubricsQ: Difficulty expressing anger
ImportantRubricsA: Staphysagria, Silicea, Baryta Carb, Aurum, Lycopodium, Mercury (SS BALM)