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born c. 70 B.C.E., possibly in Arretium

90 miles north of Rome
his money
great wealth and from the equestrian class

likely inherited some of his fortune, but he probably owed much of his financial and social success to his relationship with Octavian
also known as Augustus, master of the Roman world

he essentially administered Italy and Rome while Octavian was abroad, fighting against his enemies

when Octavian became emperor, Maecenas was one of his most trusted advisors.
"circle of Maecenas"
active interest in literature

formed this circle

included Virgil, Horace, Propertius, and many others famous poets of their day

important in generating notions of Roman-ness for the Augustan Age and beyond
the Roman identity
civil war shattered the Roman identity

old idols, values, and heroes were toppled

Maecenas' circle, and Vergil in particular, did the major cultural repair work of their generation.
his writing
wrote both prose and poetry

works were much criticized, and only a few fragments of them survive

much more impact on literature through his influence on his poet friends, whom he swayed to write for the glory of the imperial regime and the emperor himself
more than just propaganda
Such a view would overlook the distinctive qualities of their writings

it is indeed legitimate and important (some would say even necessary) to locate, track, and critique the political and social effects of this great art