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Gross Domestic Product(GDP)
The total market value of all final goods and services produced annually within a country's borders.
Final Good
A good in the hands of its final user.
Intermediate Good
A good that is an input in the production of a final good
Double Counting
Counting a good more than once when computing GDP
Value Added
The dollar value contributed to a final good at each stage of production.
Transfer Payment
A payment to a person that is not made in return for goods and services currently supplied.
The sum of spending on durable goods, nondurable goods, and services.
The sum of all purchases of newly produced capital goods, changes in business invetories, and purchases of new residential housing.
Inventory Investment
Changes in the stock of unsold goods.
Fixed Investment
Business purchases of capital good, such as machinery and factories, and purchases of new residential housing.
Goverment Purchases
Federal, state, and local government purchases of goods and services and gross investment in highways, bridges, and so on.
Government Transfer Payments
Payments to persons that are not made in return for goods and services currently supplied.
Total domestic (U.S.) spending on foreign goods.
Total foreign spending on domestic (U.S.) goods.
Net Exports
Exports minus imports
National Income
Total income earned by U.S. citizens and businesses, no matter where they reside or are located.
Compensation of employees + Proproetors' income + Corporate profits + Rental income of persons + Net interest
Capital Consumption Allowance (Depreciation)
The estimated amount of capital goods used up in production through natural wear, obsolesence, and accidental destruction.
Net Domestic Product
GDP minus the capital consumptoon allowance.
Personal Income
The amount of income that individuals actually receive. It is equal to national income minus undestributed corporate profits, social insurance taxes, and corporate profits taxes, plus transfer payments.
Disposable Income
The portion of personal income that can be used for consumption or saveing. It is equal to personal income minus personal taxes (especially income taxes).
Real GDP
The value of the entire output produced annually within a country's borders, adjusted for price changes.
Business Cycle
Recurrent swings (up and down) in Real GDP.