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Year King John dies
Seige of Reims
How Many Rondeaux?
Jacques Boogart Date
Fuller, Phantom Treatise
Brothers, Ficta and Harmony
Chest, throat, and head voices
Jerome of Moravia
Mahaut mentioned by Jean de Murs
Bull banning Hockets
Pope John XXII 1324/5
Hirshberg on Hexachords
Jehoash, 1980
Wimsatt and Kibler
James and William, 1988
Bent & Brownlee date
1991, Early Music History
What is the source for locating chants
Bryden and Hughes
Johannes de Grocheo's treatise, date
De musica, ca. 1300
Johannes de Grocheo's three kinds of music
civilis, canonica, ecclesiastica
What Propers did Ensemble Binchois use?
Mass of the Assumption
Year Machaut received his position at Reims
Ms. E
Paris, BNF fr. 9221
ca. 1390; "sumptious"
Dating of Remede
1340-50; musicologists 1340-6
Ms. A
Paris Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 1584
Earp's Rhythmic Datings
6/8: Earlier
2/4 1340s
Iambic rhythms: later
"New source" for performance practice in late-medieval France
Christopher Page 1982: 15th C Romance "Cleriadus et Meliadice."
How many Ballades?
How many Virelais
How many Motets?
Craig Wright's Conspectus
12th Congress of the International Musicological Society, 1977
Who pitched Mass down fourth?
Taverner Consort, 1984
What is funny about the 1961 Deller recording of the Mass?
Bell at beginning of Kyrie, duplum triplum combined.
En amer a douce vie
Ballade No. 41 (Balladelle). Duplex: Egidius
Perfect Tempus, Major Prolation (9/8)
Popular: Widely circulated, borrowings
C-Mode, plagal cantus
4v, some Posthumous 3v (Reaney either/or)
7, 3 syllables, retrograde syllable, rhyme.
4 voices, some 3 (w/o tr) posthumous
Hoquetus David.
Tenor: Nativity Feast melislma "David"
Written in 9-4 Time. Perfect Mode, perfect tempus (no eighth notes).
Schrade transcribes as major prolation, Ludwig as minor.
Dame mon cuer en vous remaint
Rondeau No. 22, Remede (last lyric)
Imperfect Tempus, Major Prolation (6/8)
D final, G ouvert, none "strong"
8-line, 8-syllable
Does not circulate outside Remede
Always 3 voices: Tr, Ca, Te
Dame, a vous sans retollir
Virelai No. 33, Remede de Fortune.
6th musical piece, 7th lyric
Imperfect Tempus, major Prolation (6/8)
F Final, C ouvert.
7, 4 syllables
7, 3 lines
All monophonic
De Toutes Flours
Ballade No. 31
Imperfect Tempus, Prolation (2/4)
3 voices: ca, te, ct
Not in C, posthumous sources have "inauthentic" triplum.
8 lines, decasyllabic, verse coup
cadential teleology
Cf. Roman de la Rose
Salzer prolongational sketch V &I
Extremely popular, incl. inst. version
All 4 voices, only Ite outside of complete works mss.
Ms. F-G (2 vols)
Paris, Bibliothèqe Nationale, fonds français 22545-6
Dating: Avril: 1390, Reaney 1370.
Rose, liz
Rondo No. 10
Perfect Tempus/Imperfect Prolation (3/4)
Reaney: "Double Rondeau"
13-line, 7-syllable
3v with space for fourth in C, then 4 v
Inauthentic contratenor in C
clos-ouvert-clos (Page)
7: beauties of Spring, 7 virtues, sins, syllables
Foy Porter
Virelai No. 22
Imperfect Tempus, Minor Prolation (2/4)
In all mss., nowhere else
3, 4, 7 syllables; 8, 3 lines
F final, ouvert C
Melisma on vous, 7-8 ratio
Year of Machaut's becomming a clerk for John, King of Luxembourg
Marchetto of Padua
Early 14th C--Wrote that Dissonance wanted to "flee" to consonance"
Johannes Boen
Dutch Priest and Music Theorist
You first count notes in chant, and then calculate how to divide them
What Papal Bull improved the choir?
What year did a Papal Bull ban polyphony?
Ms. Vg
Wildenstein collection
ca. 1370
Ms. C
Paris BNF, fonds francais 1586
Ms. B
Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, fonds francais 1585
A direct copy of Vg.
Models for Remede
Rose: retreat to park, complaints
Boetheus: Consolation of Philosophy
Lady Esperance & her garrulous nature
Original: Love & Reason complementary
Hesdin Connection?
Favorite Locale for John II of Luxembourg
Charles V coronation
Black Plague in Reims
S’il estiot nulls
S'amours tous
Et gaudebit cor vestrum
Motet No. 6
Imperfect Tempus, major Prolation (6/8)
Complex isorhythm.
Triplum 10 syllables, duplum 7
B section different talea.
Step 6--longing to rejoice.
Chant: Final Melisma of Responsory Sicut mater consolatur (Mode 8)
Amours qui
Faus Samblant
Vidi dominum
Motet No. 15
Imperfect Tempus, Major Prolation (6/8)
Dating: late, due to iambic rhythms
Chant source: "...face to face; life preserved" (Genesis), beginning of Mode 6 responsory
Triplum: 5 and 7 syllable, tenor 7
In Ivrea ms.
Bone Pastor
Motet No. 18
Imperfect Tempus, Major Prolation (6/8)
Guillaume de Trie: Entry 1324, oath 1325
B section perfecty panisorhythmic; some panisorhtyhm in A section.
Chant source unidentified
Hocket in B section.
Triplum, 7 & 6 syllable, duplum 8 & 4
Stages in Motet
1. Rhythmic modes
2. Fr. Double motet (13th C)
3. Virty, bipartite
4. Machaut, back to Fr, more isor.
Egidius de Murino (Year, treatise, 3 things)
De motettis componendis, mid 14th C
1. Tenor should be chosen to match poetry
2. Then "measure" it
3. Then, write upper voices
Who said "accomplished musicians and lay connoisseurs"
Jacques de Liege, "Speculum Musice."
Who was the English medieval mystic?
Richard Rolle, English Hermit, 14th C, much concerned with Love.
Flemish Mystic
John Ruusbroec, Brussels. By means of Wisdom (personified), one can see God--Seeing God by one's own means the supreme state.
German Mystic
Henry Suso, Machaut's comtemporary. "Minnesinger of mysticism."
Archbishop of Canturbury
Baldwin of Ford 12th C. Cure for lovesickness (result of a feeble spirit) will come when you meet God face to face.
Drew from "Song of Songs"
Suso's book on Wisdom
Horologium Sapintiae (Wisdom's watch Upon the Hours)
350 surviving ms. copies.
"Lady Wisdom" is Christ
Crosses secular/sacred language boundaries (erotic). A copy survives at Reims cathedral
The Spiritual Quest for Wisdom
1. recognize difficulty
2. grieve over sinfulness
6. Fleeting joy
glimpse of Chirst
Johannes de Grocheo
De Musica: Mode applies specifically, and only, to ecclesiastical, monophonic chant
Around 1300
Motet 15 talea length
Hocket talea length
12, 8
Motet 18 talea length
8 note
Talea length Motet 6
9 note
Kyrie I talea length
4 note
Kyrie III talea
12, 13, 13, 13
Sanctus talea
11-note after intro
Agnus talea
Ite talea
10 note
Christe talea
8 notes
Kyrie II talea
Kyire mode
Credo Mode
Sanctus mode
Agnes mode
Ite mode
Who says Machaut Mass assembled from various pieces, perhaps associated with Avignon?
Elizabeth Keitel, 1982
What is Jean de Murs's treatise?
Libellus cantus mensurabilis
Who are the Italian Ars Nova gents?
Marchetto of Padua (duple division), Petrus de Cruce (lots of minims)