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What are the five types of user account in OS X? How are they different?
Standard: Default account type, Admin: can make changes to the system, Guest: Does not require a password, Sharing Only users can access only shared files, and root user has unlimited access
What are account attributes?
The individual pieces of info that are used to define a user account: Full name, account name, user ID, unique user ID, group, and home directory.
How can you limit a user account?
Parental controls: enforcing simple Finder, limiting apps and widgets, setting time limits, and content filtering/
What are some security ricks associated with each type of user account?
Standard user accounts are very secure, assuming they have good passwords. Admin users can make changes that may negatively affect the system or other user accounts. Guest user could potentially fill your system drive with unwanted files. Sharing only users are generally very secure as long as you don't give them too much access to your items. The potential mayhem with root user access is nearly unlimited.
What default folders make up a user's home folder?
Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Library, Movies, Music, Pictures, and Sites
What three types of resource contention issues can occur when fast user switching is enabled?
Resource contention occurs when fast user switching is enabled and a user tries to access an item that another user already has open in the background. Document contention occurs when a user attempts to open a document that another user has already opened. Peripheral contention occurs when a user attempts to access a peripheral that is already is use by another user's open app. Application contention occurs when the second user attempts to access an app that is designed to run only once on a system.
What security risk can occur when fast user switching is enabled?
All users are allowed to see other users' locally connected volumes.
What does a keychain do?
An encrypted file that is used to securely save passwords, certificates, or notes. By default, every user has a login keychain that has the same password as his account.
How does FileVault secure a user's data?
It stores the user's home folder in an encrypted disk image that is accessible only by the FileVault user.
How does resetting the master password affect existing FileVault user accounts?
If a known master password is reset using the security preferences, previous FileVault accounts will not be negatively affected. On the other hand, if a master password is reset because it was lost, preexisting FileVault accounts cannot be reset by the new master password until all the old FileVault passwords are reset.
How does resetting a user's password as an admin user affect that user's keychains?
It will not change any keychain passwords, therefore, the user's keychains will not automatically open when the user logs in with her new password. The user will have to manually change her keychain passwords using the Keychain Access utility.
How does the firmware Password utility help prevent users from making unauthorized password changes?
It prevents users from booting off other devices. This is turn prevents them from using the OS X install DVD to reset local passwords without authorization.