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2 drinks would be equivalent to what blood EtOH % increase?
Ethanol induced cytochrome 450 2E1 can increase toxicity of what agent?
What are the two enzymes responsible for EtOH metabolism?

Which is greater in number?
Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH)

Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase
(greater in number)
What is the average alcohol clearance rate?
0.015 to 0.02% per hour.

One hour per 1 or 2 drinks consumed
Ethanol metabolism:

- order?
- saturation?
- dependent on concentration?
- why or why not?
zero order

generally yes

Not dependent

Due to saturation of elmination mechanism
Can alcohol elimination be increased easily?
No, but can be almost doubled in chronic alcoholics.
List the three major DIRECT, molecular actions of ethanol.
NMDA receptor is suppressed

Altered membrane properties

GABA-Cl channel is activated
List two INDIRECT molecular actions of ethanol.
Acetaldehyde forms adducts in liver

Free radicals via metabolism
Ethanol is associated with what two deficiencies?

Provide an example of genetic loci implicated in EtOH sensitivity and addiction.
GABA receptor subunits
T/F - Alcohol sensitivity and preference is mediated one specific gene.
False - many genes
What are the three most common diseases INDIRECTLY caused by alcohol.
Acute/Chronic pancreatitis

Cirrhosis of the liver

CA of esophagus/lip/mouth
What are the three most common injuries INDIRECTLY caused by alcohol?

Arson accidents

Homicide/Purposeful injury
Alcoholism decreases life expectancy by an average of how many years?
15 years
What is the lower limit of alcohol consumption during pregnancy?
NO such thing
Questions for alcoholics? x4
1. Have you ever felt you should CUT down on your drinking?

2. Have people ANNOYED you by criticizing your drinking?

3. Have you ever felt GUILTY about your drinking

4. Have you ever had a drink in the morning to get over a hang over? (EYE opener)
What is the treatment for alcohol withdrawal syndrome?


Supportive therapy
What is the target organ primarily associated with tolerance?
Alcohol induced decrease of folic acid and thiamine, causes what blood systemic problem?
What does EtOH do to the musculoskeletal system? x2
Muscle damage

Decrease bone mass (fx risk)
T/F - EtOH incrases the risk of hepatitus C.
What is the theory as to why alcoholics have poorer prognosis than non-alcoholics during hospital stays?
Withdrawal can be immunosuppressive
T/F - EtOH predisposes to mental problems.
No clear answer if one predisposes the other or vise versa.
What are the three pharmacological drugs used to treat alcoholism, and what is their mechanism?
Disulfiram (Antabuse) - decreases acetaldehyde metabolism.

Naloxone (Naltrexone) - decreases cravings.

Acamprosate - GABA analog
What is the name of the Clinician's guide to alcoholism?

Where does it come from?
"Helping patients who drink too much."