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What stroke type is most commonly associated with hypertension?
Primary Intracerebral hemorrhage
What is the two common causes of Ischemia?
Thrombotic (60% - 70%)

Embolism (10% - 20%)
Amaurosis fugax is associated with what?
Carotid distribution TIA
What are the symptoms of carotid distribution TIA? x4
Amaurosis Fugax
Hemisensory deficit

Expressive/receptive is dominant hemisphere involved

*all ipsilateral
What are the symptoms of vertebrobasilar distribution of TIA? x5
1. Bilateral visual loss (PCA)
2. Diplopia
3. Ataxia
4. Dysarthria
5. Quadriparesis

("crossed finding")
Atypical, severe headache exhibited by patient.

"Worst headache of my life."

What is primary ddx?

What do you do?
Leak of aneurysmal rupture.

CT no contrast
Sentinel "thunderclap" headache is the most common primary feature of what?
Aneurysmal subarachnoid bleed.
What are the primary headaches? x3

Tension headache

Cluster headache
When evaluating ischemic stroke in post partum, what do you immediately think of?
Cerebral venous thrombosis.
What type of headaches are more common in men only?
Cluster headache
Describe cluster headache.
Severe, sharp, burning, and/or throbbing pain in the perioribital region.
List the prophylactic therapies involved with migraine management. x5
1. Anticonvulsants (valproic acid and topiramate)
2. Beta blockers (propranolol)
3. Calcium channel blockers (verapamil)
4. TCA
5. Vitamin B2
Explain the pathogenesis of pre-migraine auras.
Related to Leao's spreading phenomenon accompanied by a wave of oligemia, which is preceded by hyperemia.
Patient with HA, which responds to minor alalgesic, but returns and worsens over time.

History shows symptoms exacerbated by activities, coughing, and straining.

What is this shit?
HA associated with a brain tumor.
Patient presents with HA during stress filled days and feels like a "band around head."

What is this shit and what can it evolve into?
Tension headache and can become migraine.